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Founders' Week 2016

Luca Difranco - April 18, 2016

On Thursday April 14, 2016, marked a day of recognition and celebration at Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA. It was day four of a five day week known as “Founder’s Week” where current students, alumni, and faculty have the opportunity to come together to celebrate, well, the founders past and present of Rosemont College. Throughout the week there have been events for the entire student body and faculty such as a movie night (featuring the movie, “CREED”), a concert by “The Petaltones”, glow-in-the-dark volleyball, and so much more! I attended most of the events and was able to meet up with and spend time with some other members of the community with which I see every day, yet do not spend much time getting to know. The biggest event of the week, however, has to be “Founder’s Day” itself. On a day where the majority of classes are not in session, there is a mass held at the Immaculate Conception Chapel, an awards luncheon to recognize highly achieving students and faculty, tons of music for dancing, and an opportunity to cool down with some refreshing water ice from a water ice truck (which despite the lack of extreme heat, was still enjoyable on such a beautiful spring day!) Although the water ice was a delicious treat, I would have to say the highlight of my day was being recognized for and presented with the “Dean of Students Award;” an award presented specifically to one student in every class year “who has made significant contributions to the community.” I would also like to take this blog post as an opportunity to thank all of my fellow classmates and faculty at the college for not only having recognized and appreciated my efforts and activeness in attempting to maintain and improve my “home away from home,” but also for their nearly-blind belief and extremely hard work in my ventures and ideas. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to have been recognized as such. With this I would like to end my night by also thanking everyone that was involved in making this day (and entire week!!) a HUGE SUCCESS and I can’t wait to see what is in store for next year! Oh, and if you are an alum, student, or staff member who didn’t get a chance to come out and celebrate, don’t worry too much- we have some great photos for you!