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Election Through Snapchat

Grant Houston, Class of 2020 - September 27, 2016

Coming to Rosemont College has already made a huge impact on my life! I can honestly say, within the first few weeks of being part of the ‘MONT, I was captivated! In the beginning I was trying to figure out what role I would play or how I would get involved in campus life. Getting involved was going to be different for me than other students since I am a commuter. I started thinking about getting involved when I was introduced to our Raven Peer Leader (RPL), Melissa. She was an outgoing and wonderful person to be around during my first few days at Rosemont. I decided that I would participate in the leadership opportunities that Rosemont has to offer.

I went to the area outside the cafeteria where all of Rosemont activities were being presented. I came across Army Reserves Officers Training Corps (ROTC). Before coming to Rosemont, I was a member of the Junior ROTC program, however, it was a Navy JROTC. For six years I was responsible for many jobs and had transitioned into many roles of leadership. When I approached the table for student government a thought came to my mind, “I was a leader in ROTC and made a huge difference, maybe I can further my leadership skills by representing my class, the class of 2020.”

I wanted to run for president of my class until I thought back to my ROTC years where the co-commanding officer of our company was primarily a figurehead; he did not play a significant role in the influence of his fellow cadets. This thought lead me to run for vice president instead. This role, I believe, is just as important as the presidential position. It's the vice president’s job to handle the areas the president doesn't have time for, or in some cases, when he or she is attending to the more dramatic and drastic political quarrels. The vice president can listen to those who voted him in and convey the required means to accomplish the goals of the people. I enlisted the help of my wonderful identical mirror twin brother, Cole. He decided to run for secretary..

Together we agreed that as a society now focused on the use of technology, we were going to use social media to our benefit. Because not everyone uses Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. we decided it was best to use Snapchat.

Snapchat is an application that allows you to share moments quickly in a fun way. You can take short videos or photos and send them to your “followers.” Cole and I started by printing posters of our Snapchat names or handles. This was a simple and easy way for people to notice us. We talked to people we knew and then branched out to meet others we didn't. Throughout the campaign, I gained almost two hundred more “followers” on Snapchat. My brother and I would post stories where we talked about our slogan and how we would make a difference on campus. We also posted some comedic relief to show we are relaxed and jovial. Eventually, I had my President (Julie Capece) start taking “selfies” with my brother. I was representing the dream team of the student government body to the Freshman class of 2020.

I am able to be part of a greater purpose. I have the opportunity to represent Rosemont in multiple ways. Rosemont is a growing and changing everyday. This College has opportunities for all—even the commuters can find a way to get involved.