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Spring Colors Prayer

Sr. Jeanne - April 6, 2016

Call to Prayer 

We welcome this coming of spring time together. It is God’s gift to us. With joy, anxiety, with personal hope and needs, with the pressures of working in or attending college today and envisioning our future, with national and world concerns, with our longing for peace and desire for unity, we come together to share a prayer. 


Now, O God, mold us, our longing and passions, our wounds and wonderings, 

into a more holy and human shape that forms us into your likeness. 


Our call to spring is a call to the GREEN of HOPE. 

God of Hope, give us a hope that soothes our doubts and insecurities; a hope that draws us beyond our narrow limits and horizons that we might know the impossible that is possible with your grace. 

All: God, give us hope for the present and the future. 


Our call to spring is a call to the GOLD of GRATITUDE and GENEROSITY. 

God of Graciousness, give us a gratitude that enables us to see our gifts and know whom to thank; a generosity that moves us to share our gifts and receive and appreciate the gifts of others. 

All: God, give us your spirit of graciousness and generosity. 


Our call to spring is a call to the BROWN of CREATION. 

God of all Creation, you surround us with the wonders, the beauty, and the fruitfulness of your created world. May we be good stewards of the earth so that future generations will know its beauty and share its resources. 

All: God, make us good stewards of creation. 


Our call to spring is a call to the RED of CHARITY. 

God of Love, awaken in our hearts a desire to be loving and respectful of all those whom you entrust to our care and give us the ability to lead each other in the way of justice and compassion. 

All: God, may love and compassion mark our Rosemont community as your disciples and as Holy Child students, staff and educators. 

We make this prayer in your name, our Risen Lord. AMEN. 


Adapted by JM Hatch from E. McDevitt 4-2016 


1. Our call to conversion is a call to the PURPLE of MERCY. 

2. God of Mercy, lead us to embrace all people in their uniqueness and differences, with the merciful love in which you hold us; remind us that in your living and in your dying you show us your abundant mercy from crib to cross. 

All: God, let us forgive each other and be your mercy everyday. 

3. Our call to conversion is a call to the ORANGE of JUSTICE and PEACE. 

4. God of Justice and Peace, open our minds and hearts to care for people who are poor, homeless, whose lives are touched by violence and war. 

All: God, make this Rosemont community people of integrity so that in all situations we may work towards justice and peace for all. 

5. Our call to conversion is a call to the ROSE of CREATIVITY and FLEXIBILITY. 

6. Creative God, keep us open to all that is new and challenging so that we may be excellent in our teaching and passionate to have our students meet the needs of the future with truth, knowledge, skill, courage, and resilience. 

All: God, may creativity and meeting each students’ need mark all that we do at Rosemont College. 

7. Our call to conversion is a call to the YELLOW of JOY. 

8. God of Joy, lift our spirits to embrace the joy of living and giving; a joy that allows us to see our many blessings even in the midst of hard times, a joy that creates an exciting environment for our students. 

All: God, give us a joy that radiates in us and though us to others. 


9. Our call to conversion is a call to the BLUE of ZEAL. 

10. God of Zeal, let us follow your servant Cornelia in her zeal for the work of education and give us a renewed passion for trust, understanding, wisdom, and the desire to follow you more closer each day. 

All: God, give us the zeal of Cornelia and our foremothers and all who have blessed the path before us. 

11. Our call to conversion is a call to the WHITE of FIDELITY. 

12. God of Faithfulness, keep us faithful to you as you have been to us, and true to your gospel message. By our actions may we be the living spirit of the Holy Child with our students, our colleagues and all whom we meet on life’s journey. 

All: God, who has never let go of us, hold us now as we commit ourselves to be faithful, true and authentic to this holy vocation. 

L: May we be converted to God’s way of hope, gracious and generous love, justice and peace, mercy, joy, zeal, caring for the earth, creativity, stewardship of our Holy Child tradition. 

All: May we color our world with Jesus’ gifts to us each day; may we be faithful to our

Spring Colors