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How I Celebrate My Faith- Alex Cozen

Alix Cozen - December 1, 2016

Judaism has always been a part of my life. It has shaped and molded my values and beliefs. It has taught me humility and empathy for everyone and everything around me. And it has empowered me and it's defeated me. The only thing Judaism will not do to me is leave me. It is a part of my soul, it is in my actions, and it is in my decisions. I do not pray regularly, in fact, quite infrequently and I am okay with that. It does not bother me if you are not okay with that. My upbringing was surround in Jewish traditions, holidays, and cooking. There are so many shared ways people celebrate and experience their religion. To me, all religions intertwine in some manor. We pray, have certain beliefs, some dietary restrictions, and have faith in something greater than ourselves. One of my favorite aspects, of Judaism is the history of our people. Stories that are found with in prayer books, the Torah, and by word of mouth from my elders explain the empowerment and persecution Jewish people feel and experience. We have pride in our faith, just like any one other religion, and we stand strong and united with in our Jewish communities to strive for a better life for our children. There are stigmas and bias that people try to place onto my religion and it's people and I have seen this hatred transpire amongst other religious groups. My wish is for my future children and their peers to have less of this ill will and have a greater tolerance of others, their perspectives and their faith. The world is capable of having us all live upon it, and it could be lived such joy if we all put aside our differences and focused on how similar we all really are.