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First Year Students Answer

Kerry Madden - December 2, 2016

I celebrate my faith by praying five times a day, fasting the month of Ramadaan, and feeding the less fortunate. 

-Radiyah Beyah 


I celebrate my faith in many different possible ways. I remind myself and my family of the things that we have went through, and the struggles we have faced throughout our life. Then I tell them how far we have come from that, and how far we surpassed what people thought we were going to be, and I show them how thankful I am to be where I am today. Me and family talk, we laugh, we make fun of each other, and we share some things each other may not know. During that time I think to myself how thankful I am for my life. 

-Shawn Robinson 


I am thankful for everyone that’s in my life, because they all play a big part of it. I’m also thankful for my life I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world. It’s a blessing to be alive and to be around people I love all the time. 

-Rikki Williams 


In my home, religion is really just a belief system you utilize on your own when you're in need, so holidays for my family aren't deeply rooted in religious affiliations. Holidays are largely a familial celebration for us, rather than a strictly enforced religious one. While my mom is wholeheartedly christian, my siblings and I weren't really raised to identify with any religion, so we don't have any "celebrations of faith" per se. The only instance I can think of that is even slightly similar to a celebration of faith happens on Christmas. We have a large dinner, and one tradition we've upheld is that we all join hands and bow our heads and really try to reflect inwards on the past year. Then my mom makes my siblings and I tell each other what we're most grateful for in our lives, things we might take for granted, and the things we hope for in the future. 

While this isn't necessarily a "celebration of faith", it is a ritual that is important to my family, and it really helps us to appreciate what we have, and focus in on our aspirations for the future. I think it's a really simple, yet effective, method to allow my family to set goals for themselves and more importantly, realize just how privileged we are for all that we have, and I hope to continue it on with my family in the future someday. 

-Patricia Staquet 


I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. I believe that I should place all my faith in God and this is what I always try to do. I celebrate my faith through prayer and thanksgiving not only on God’s holy day but each and every moment. 

-Merhawi Tesfay 


I celebrate my faith everyday, by asking God to please keep everyone happy, safe, and healthy. I do this, because I believe that those are the three most important aspects that a person needs in their life. 

-Victoria Adams 


How I personally celebrate my faith is by being around the people that I hold most dear to my heart. People such as my parents, siblings, uncles, aunts and my extended family all around a table and engaging in conversation during this holiday season. Having them all together and catching up on each other's lives is one of the greatest things I am thankful for. Being able to see the smiles behind faces that I haven't seen in so long as being a freshman in college and being away from home. Having those relationships with family and friends has made me thankful for the people God has blessed me to have in my life. 

-Chelsey Moore