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Katie Pavlick - December 2, 2016

I have been participating in Adopt-A-Sis for three years now, and it has been such a humbling and wonderful experience for me. I have been seeing the same sister, Sister Florence, since I started. When I go over to New Sharon to visit with her, it is always a wonderful time and we truly enjoy seeing one another. Usually, I help Sister Florence with her computer (organizing emails, looking at articles online, playing puzzle games, etc), but sometimes we just sit and talk. She tells me all about her life and about the Sisters who she is friends with in South Africa. We also talk about religion, our views on politics, and just about how our lives are going that week. We are friends on Facebook and she is always writing on my wall, whether it be asking when the next time we can see each other will be, wishing me good luck on finals, or just saying hello. She has introduced me to so many other Sisters and she really is a wonderful and amazing person. I hope that our visits bring a smile to her face like they do to mine. I wouldn't trade my Adopt-A-Sis experience for anything.