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2018 Alternate Spring Break

Elizabeth Russell - December 20, 2017

In early March, for the 2018 Alternate Spring Break service trip, I’ll join a group of 6 students, along with two advisors, then head to the Saint Francis Inn in North Philadelphia. There, we’ll spend our time prepping and serving the meals (breakfast and dinner) at a restaurant style soup kitchen. We will also spend some time in the Inn’s clothing distribution center, Marie’s Closet.

After having led the Alternative Fall Break Service Trip to the Saint Francis Inn last year, I decided to lead the Spring Break service trip, because there were a few moments of growth that I recognized in myself—moments I’d like to implement in this year’s trip. Since the spring of my sophomore year, I have been able to form my own personal connections to the Inn aside from service trips through Rosemont. These connections especially manifested through the internship I held there this past summer. During my service, I formed relationships with the Inn’s staff and people who frequent the soup kitchen, so this trip means a great deal to me.

As a senior, it’s an honor to serve as a leader through campus ministry one last time. The only hope I have for this trip (and this is typical for any alternate break trip) is that we all go into the Inn and this service experience with an open mind. Given that everyone attending the service trip is a veteran through Rosemont’s Campus Ministry office, I assume that it may be a challenge for some of us to walk into a weeklong alternate break trip without any preconceptions (myself included). So, a goal I have is for all of us to work together to create an entirely new experience, an experience we will never forget.