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Danielle Lelie - April 20, 2016

Danielle Lelie, or as she is known “Dani,” has been doing something interesting on social media. We noticed her for awhile now, and she has set herself aside from the rest of social media postings. Dani is counting down her days left at Rosemont. She is taking images and mixing them with text with a dash of her Rosemont memories. Dani has been moved by her Rosemont experience that her voice is stronger than ever. She will walk across the stage in May and say “See Ya Later Rosemont,” but for right now it is #ByeRoco. Stay tuned, we will be posting her countdown! 


Catch up with her countdown, and her past four years with the Days 25 through Day 17! 

Day 25

Day 25-With only 25 days left until graduation, I wanted to show appreciation to the school that made me who I am by sharing my 25 reasons why I love Rosemont College. This was taken on the day I decided to spend my next four years at RC & when I became an official Rosemonster


Day 24 

Day 24- My freshmen dorm room, my freshmen roommate, & some of my first friends at Rosemont. It's crazy how much can change in four years.. (Same goofy smile)


 Day 23

Day 23- This ones for the Senior Class representatives (past & present) that have always worked hard for the needs of our class, and are still working hard to ensure we have the best senior week ever! 🌞 Thanks for all the fundraisers, time and effort, and opportunities you gave us!

 Day 22

Day 22- Here's to our last Founders day together. This ones for Cornelia Connelly, softball, and free ice cream.

 Day 21

Day 21- The last hoorah! Here's to all the awful dance moves, photo booths, & silly pictures. Here's to the transformation of Dani, from Freshman year to Senior year, time really does fly.

 Day 20

Day 20- For the past three years we've been making sure our captains, seniors, and teammates had amazing senior nights ⚾️ It was finally my turn tonight and you girls made it so perfect. I will miss squad so much next year 💪🎀 I will never forget the long bus rides, boxed lunches, and TARPING! This is Captain Dan signing off!

 Day 19

Day 19- Happy Alumni game day to the boys I've been rooting for since day one! ⚽️ You're all such incredible athletes and it's been fun watching you go from Champions to graduates, to alumni taking the field together again. I've never seen a closer group of teammates ❤️ 

 Day 18

Day 18- The colorful Adirondack chairs. The sure sign of Spring, and sunny days. 💛❤️💚 I think that we can all agree that when these chairs go out we all get a little happier. The final days of school are approaching, our days are brighter, and it makes going to class just a little bit harder. This year, for me, it means graduation is quickly approaching

 Day 17

Day 17- A win for Rosemont & a win for a good cause. Here's to our Rosemont Family.