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ByeRoCo-Days 8-5

Danielle Lelie - May 3, 2016


Day 8-Public Safety-girl in sweat pants standing with public safety officer outside

Day 8-To the guys that you call when the code to your room stops working or if you just need a ride in the rain, thank you Public Safety! 🔦🚨 I've been driving past Officer Steve at the front gate for the past four years and not once did he forget to ask how I was doing. We're really lucky to have such a caring group of people looking after our campus and our well being. 🚙 & maybe one day, I'll pay off all of those parking tickets you gave me!


Day 7- many photos together of the female softball team-three on top-one lanscape on the bottom

Day 7-Seven days. We only have one week left at Rosemont College. 🌹 Today was an exciting day, but also a sad one. Today was the last time I will cram for a test. Today was the last time I will take a final. Today was the last time I will take the softball field. Today was the last time I will be called a Rosemont Raven. Although it's coming to an end, I know that I will always have the constant support of my family and my teammates no matter where I am ⚾️💕 Dear Current Rosemont athletes.. Don't blink • it's over before you know it.



Day 6-Not all Heroes wear capes 🙌 This ones for the countless Dunkin runs, the sleepless nights, and the highly caffeinated mornings🍩☕️ Coffee has saved my life so many times that I lost count. One of my favorite memories will forever be morning Dunkin Donut runs with my favorite people ever.
Day 5

Day 5-Friends. As I sit here playing cards with a group of friends, I can't help but think how different next year will be at this time. We won't all be together, and some of us may never even talk again, but I am so grateful for the memories we've made and the people Rosemont gave me that I will never forget 💕 I am leaving Rosemont with not only a group of friends, but a second family