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Coach's Corner

Ashley Montecchio - January 18, 2017

My coaching style is based on holding the players to a high standard, and constantly making them better. I was lucky in my last two years at Rosemont to have teammates and coaches that weren’t okay with me being a “lesser” version of myself. They set higher goals for me than I had for myself, and I never thought about letting myself down – I was only worried about letting them down. Our whole team had that mentality, and I think that’s why we were the most successful team in school history. I try to teach the girls that they don’t have to hangout on the weekends, but they have to have a good basketball relationship with their teammates, and show up every day wanting to make each other better. It’s paradoxical, but the only way one person can reach their potential individually is if they have a team mindset; a group mentality. There can’t be one person in the group that’s willing to let any other person fall below that standard, on or off the court. That’s the mark of a successful team.