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Always a Raven

Luca Difranco - March 23, 2016

On Wednesday March 9, 2016 I entered “The Raven’s Nest”, this time as a spectator, to watch the Rosemont College Women’s Lacrosse team as they welcomed the College of St. Elizabeth all the way from Morristown, New Jersey. Although a few teammates and I arrived just minutes into the game, a few early goals (which, unfortunately, we didn’t get to see) gave the Lady Ravens the lead in the contest. St. Elizabeth would tie the game before Rosemont pulled ahead up to the conclusion of the first half. The Eagles from New Jersey tied the game once more before the Ravens took the lead back and ran with it until the end of the game. The final score was 13-10 and it was such a great feeling to be in support of the girls for their first win of the season! A bunch of the colleges’ student-athletes were also there, and from just about every team, witnessing it all. Let me tell you, it was so great to see a solid team performance and even some great individual play as the girls came out with “THE DUB”. In fact, not only did the girls come out with the victory collectively, select individuals were awarded player of the week honors! These performances were really much appreciated by myself alongside all of my fellow athletes; and you could just tell each fan in attendance loved it, as you could hear us all cheering and rallying behind the girls with every roll of the ball, flick of the stick, and goal! Ultimately, however, it even goes beyond the fanatic presence; it is also the rooting and cheering which define being a Rosemont College athlete. It’s not just the sport you play, but it’s the sport you support which at “ROCO” are one in the same. As the sports culture solidifies with every win (and yes, even loss because those happen too…) we are all there for each other to show support, no matter the team or sport we play. That in itself simply may be the best part of it: we never walk alone. Student-athlete or just student, it doesn’t matter who you are. The fan base is ever growing since I’ve been a part of this program where “the academics follow their athletics”, almost religiously (seriously, and I haven’t even mentioned the alumnae attendance yet). So now, with all that being said, I’d like to end by saying “keep up the good work girls!” You’ll see me and the athletes amongst family, friends, and even community fans at your next game! As always, good luck, and don’t forget: it’s now your turn to PROTECT THIS NEST!