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Welcome To The Alumni Association

Linda Marrone Romanowski, Class of 1975 - April 5, 2017

It is with great pleasure to welcome you, the Class of 2017, to the Alumni Association! You made it! You did it!

What drew me to attend Rosemont was the “POWER of small”, even though the tagline did not exist when I graduated in 1975. My pre-college years consisted of overcrowded classrooms. I knew my next step after high school needed to be in a different direction. Two of my high school friends were already enrolled at Rosemont, and it was through their attendance that I was guided to join them. I did not regret following their lead. All these years later, I still say, I have NEVER regretted it.

The day I graduated still remains bittersweet. There were tears of accomplishment mixed with those of separation from people who were truly dear to me. As I progressed through my career,  opportunities at Rosemont enabled me to remain connected. That led me to become a member of the Alumni Board, where I am honored to continue to serve Rosemont with a new group of alumni, Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. This has made our institution stronger, more visible, more connected.

The POWER of small is within you. This is the root that will give you wings. Use your wings to affirm the Power of Small. It is no small task; we alumni encourage you to power Rosemont onward. Fly and stay connected. The need to do that has never been greater. Reach out to the Alumni Board, return to our special events. You will NEVER regret it. All the best to you, new Alumni, Peace be to all of you.