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Kelly’s Taproom Hosts Rosemont Quizzo

Joseph Darrah - April 18, 2019

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Rosemont College alumni (Class years 2000-18) and their guests participated in a spirited (and competitive) Quizzo event at Kelly’s Taproom in Bryn Mawr on April 16. The program featured 6 rounds of trivia, including general knowledge questions and a dedicated Rosemont Round. Sean Iannelli ’18 and Angelica Koffel ’17 took first place ($50 gift card to Kelly’s).

To test your Rosemont knowledge, try to answer the questions below. Send your answers via email to Joe Darrah and we will let you know your score! We will also randomly select an email winner for some great Rosemont swag. 

Three young women sit on bar stools and smile at the camera. One wears glasses, all are brunettes.

 Rosemont Round Questions

1. For 1 point total: This Rosemont alum has starred in several movies, including Men In Black, Dogma, and Vision Quest, alongside Madonna.

A. Fulton Sheen

B. Linda Fiorentino

C. Joe Darrah 

2. For 1 point total: Rosemont's art gallery was recently renamed after this woman, who has taught at Rosemont for about 50 years.

3. For 2 points total: What was the original name of Main Building, and which former U.S. president made a visit to the building and the campus while his sister was attending Rosemont College?

4. For 3 points total: Name the 3 mascots that Rosemont College has had in its history, including present day.

5. For 1 point: Which flavor of ice cream was notoriously known for its lack of popularity in Cardinal Hall?

6. For 1 point: In which year will Rosemont College celebrate its Centennial? 

7. For 1 point: Who founded The Society of the Holy Child Jesus, the society that founded Rosemont College? 

8. For 2 points: Rosemont College currently has an active band made up of faculty, students, staff, and administrators – what is the band’s name? Previously the College also had an almost-all-female acapella singing group – name that group? 

9. For 1 point: In what year was Main Building (under its formerly known name) added to the National Register of Historic Places?