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Senior Art Exhibit Feature

RoConnections - April 4, 2017

Every year the Senior Art Majors have an opportunity to present their own work in Lawerence Gallery. Every year alumni come back to campus to provide constructive comments and welcome the Seniors to the alumni association.  This year critics for the B.F.A. seniors’ thesis defense included Rosemont College alumna Melissa Maani ’98, Graphic Design Manager for the Philadelphia Phillies and Hope (McCann) McCorriston ‘03, Broadcast Designer for 6abc WPVI-TV.

Katie Borsuk

Hometown: Newtown Square, Pa

Favorite Art Class at Rosemont: Graphic Design Portfolio

Why That Class: My favorite art class at Rosemont was Graphic Design Portfolio. I feel that this class is very important for students who are graduating as this course focuses on essential elements artists need to prepare for a career in the field. In addition, this course has allowed me to reflect upon the work I have done the past four years and acknowledge how I have developed as an artist and a designer, which is pretty amazing to see!

Post-Grad Plans: My plan after graduation is to obtain full time position as a graphic designer while continuing to expand my design and photography portfolios.

Words of Advice to Underclassmen in the B.F.A. Program: My advice to underclassmen in the B.F.A. program is to have fun while you are completing your degree! Enjoy every moment you have in the studio with your classmates and professors because you will truly miss their company and guidance each day once you graduate!

Andrea Morgan Brint (Morgan)

Hometown: Lower Merion, Pa

Favorite Art Class at Rosemont: Oil Painting

Why That Class: I had never worked with oil paint before so this class was a new territory for me to explore. I was able to learn a new medium as well as learn a little about myself during this class. Professor Nugent and the class itself pushed me to be a better artist and to see things in a different way.

Post-Grad Plans: I am finishing up school with a track in education so I plan to be a middle school art teacher. Continuing my education is also something I plan to do, but I am thinking about expanding into some new territories. I love to learn, so learning about a new field is an exciting idea.

Words of Advice to Underclassmen in the B.F.A. Program: Stay on top of your studies, don't let others distract you from your goals in life. Know that no matter what, at the end of the day, you are the one who is going to take your place in life, not anyone else.

Angelica Koffel

Hometown: Harleysville, Pa

Favorite Art Class at Rosemont: Printmaking

Why That Class: Printmaking was my favorite class because it was very different than what I was used to (drawing, painting, etc.). I liked the process it took to make a print and mass producing the image.

Post-Grad Plans: I plan to get a full time job as a graphic designer. I also run my own semi-precious gemstone and jewelry business so I plan to keep that going as well. I am excited to see where the road leads me!

Words of Advice to Underclassmen in the B.F.A. Program: If I could give any advice to any B.F.A. underclassmen, I would say to take full advantage of your classes and the resources around you – Hard work pays off!