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In.turn: Summer Intern at 701 Creative

Melissa Lynch - August 28, 2018

During my month at 701 Creative, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, confidence and guidance. By taking the Regional Rail from Rosemont to Jefferson Station I was able to get the full ‘Philly adult worker experience’. Feeling the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the city is what I was longing for since coming to school in August, 2015. The 40-minute train ride to and from my internship gave me time to think about the future and previous experiences and lessons I had and will learn. Arriving at 7th and Walnut, I felt at home on the 2nd floor where creativity thrived in the walls of the agency. Starting with an overview of the business, Sal Trovato and Laura Jacoby (whom I had as my Typography professor at Rosemont College in 2017), showed me what a life in creative, thinking and design really looks like. They also went over the foundation of the agency and how Debra, the previous owner, build it from the ground up to what it is today.



The first few days were filled with samples from previous clients and insights on how they manage their business in relation with these long-term partners. Ms. Jacoby’s main projects are with the Gift of Life Donor Program, Institute, and Family House, so I was able to see years’ worth of designs. Mr. Trovato, working alongside his partner, has some main clients as well such as, Roberts Event Group, Juniper, and Family & Co. (Jewelers). I was able to help them go through their excess of samples and organize those and store extras. This process gave me time to look through their work and understand the intensity of their projects. During this time, any questions I had on details or on the printing were answered. For example, I asked Laura about some invitations she had made for her Gift of Life client and she was able to elaborate on the stages in which it was drafted and how the final product was achieved. She was able to express what you don’t see when you look at the final product, which is the process: the countless hours spent on developing an idea and flushing out what works and what doesn’t work. It is very easy for a client or customer to look past the hard work and dedication that is put into creating a final product. After working at 701 Creative, I can now fully appreciate not only the skill it takes to be a graphic designer, but the time and passion that it takes as well.

About half way through my time at 701 Creative, I was able to witness and ask questions about a branding proposal for a benefits company that Sal, Laura, and Debra were presenting. This helped me see the levels to what it would take to refresh this company’s brand and all of the parts to branding that people don’t even notice. The 25-page proposal helped map what this company would need to help them shape their voice into documents and content, that they then gave to their customers and potential clients. This experience held the most value to me because it opened my eyes to see a higher level of thinking and how much more there is to a brand than just a pretty cool design, a color pallete, and a font family.

After getting some traction, I started working on their social media platforms and how to display their work on the web and other applications. Starting up their first Instagram page, I knew that posting their samples on this platform would get them a larger range of exposure. Mapping out what samples would be posted when, with what content, and in which order allowed me to use my experience and creativity to guide them to a new source of media. Tying in the website’s blog to the social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook helped unify the posts being made and the kind of content that was put out. One of my first tasks was to edit and retype a previous template of a blog about creativity. I did some research and along with the original template I was able to finalize a blog about ‘Sparking Your Creativity’. This blog tied into the posts we were also putting up as previous samples with clients such as CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), Einstein Healthcare, Gift of Life (Donor Program, Family House, and Institute), the Opera Company of Philadelphia, Roberts Event Group and so many more.

The short time I spent at 701 Creative helped me identify the passions I had in the field of graphics but also helped me widen my horizons. Seeing not only what Sal and Laura do but their partners in the Marcom Alliance and behind-the-scenes social media marketers, I have realized how many different paths I could take. In-turn for all that I had learned, I have also gained a valuable experience that I will use and cherish for the rest of my career.


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