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How Do I Celebrate My Faith

Erik Ranstrom - November 30, 2016

Faith, for me, is a daily beckoning to trust, and entrust myself to, a world of unseen and imaginative reality that pervades the seen and the ordinary. This beckoning comes from beyond myself, from the utterly mysterious and loving reality that the Church comes into contact with through the enigmatic presence of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified and risen, one in being with the Father.

I celebrate faith in many ways: by encountering the risen Christ each day through prayer, sacred reading, and introspection, by living the sacramental bond of love with my wife and growing together in holiness, by remembering and keeping close to mind and heart the example of my family, and by gathering with the people of God, the Church to celebrate and renew the deeds and promises of that ancient reality known as covenant.

How do I celebrate the faith at Rosemont College? I gather with the students of the College, those who are also beckoned to trust, and entrust themselves, to the Mystery which draws us together in shared study and reflection. I gather with students with the conviction that the mind, and reason, has a dignified role in discerning the meaning of this Mystery and how it is shaping us, and our world, into a new creation