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Ciao Dalla Sicilia!

Marquita Earle - June 19, 2018

Hi from Sicily!

This year, the Global Studies of Rosemont College will be held at the Sicily Center for International Education (SCIE) in Ortygia, Siracuse Sicily in the region of Italy.

My name is Marquita Earle and this is my last class at Rosemont College in the Schools of Graduate & Professional Studies. I am working toward the completion of a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

My personal belief is everyone should experience other cultures, especially in the realm of education. I believe it is important that we understand the world we live in, especially when interacting with other people. I love learning, especially about other cultures. When I travel to different parts of the world and experience other cultures it gives me a new and different perspective of others and myself.  When I learned the focus of the  Global Studies would be Leader Behavior Across Cultures, I thought, "what an excellent way to end this academic journey!"


This journey began with an invitation, which I gladly accepted for the reasons stated above. Our orientation was held state side on campus at Rosemont College. On this chilly spring day, we gathered and were warmly greeted by the faculty, Catherine Coleman-Dickson, MBA (Cathie), Dennis R. Dougherty, Ed.D, and Francis Bowe (Brig). They offered hot coffee, donuts and other munchable delights. We were also able to meet our fellow travelers both from Rosemont College and University of the Sciences, a total of 25 students. During the orientation class, we received lectures, reviewed class expectations, the itinerary, flight information, monetary requirements and received other helpful information for a memorable class. From the lectures, the difference in cultures and what influenced them were discussed. I am eager to be immersed in the culture and experience the differences.

After the anticipation, packing and colorful stories of long flights, we arrived! There with the guidance of the director of the program at SCIE, Susi Kimbell, we checked into our rooms and gathered for an amazing Italian family style meal. The meal began with an antipasto and ended with lemon sorbet and canalles, with several courses in between. Both Cathie and Susi received high praises for creating such a wonderful Welcome to Ortygia Siracuse Italy meal!



Our first full day of classes began with a traditional Italian breakfast. Susi said the traditional Italian breakfast is sweet. After our morning treats we learned about the history of Sicily and how it has been influenced by so many cultures. There was the initial Indigenous culture, followed by the Greek, Romans, Byzantine, Arabs from Tanzania, Normandy, France and the Spanish. The influence of each culture can be seen in the architecture. One example is the cathedral in the middle of Piazza Duomo. The cathedral (pictured above) was initially an alter to the gods, then a temple which was later modified to fit another culture. Later it was changed to a cathedral then a mosque and finally back to a cathedral. We viewed this cathedral as we stood in the middle of Piazza Duomo. Piazza Duomo is Rosemont’s home while in Ortygia with amazing views. It is the highest point of Ortygia. We continued through the city viewing the impact of culture, the devastating 1693 earthquake and contrast of old and new.

Tomorrow will be a day filled with learning and application…..


Fino alla prossima volta, Ciao!