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Ciao Dalla Sicilia!

Marquita Earle - July 6, 2018

Ciao dalla Sicilia!

Time has been flying during our experiential learning experience offered by Rosemont College’s Global Study/Seminar at the Sicily Center for International Education (SCIE) in Ortygia, Siracuse Sicily in the region of Italy.

Since the last communication that ended with history lessons both in and out of the classroom, our days have been packed with additional learning activities. After our last set of lectures, we learned how to make pasta from scratch and eat it! Magnifico! It was a great time!

Next, we had a day filled with lectures on leadership. We learned about different leadership theories, styles and the dimensions of global culture with respect to leadership. We were given this information so that we could talk to people in the community about leadership. Yes, we were given the opportunity to work on our global leadership skills that can be used locally. Most of us don’t speak Italian or any other language other than English. What a great challenge! We had so much fun formulating questions and finding members of the business and scholastic community to interview on the various aspects of their local leadership. Presentations of our findings will follow.

Some of the interviews were held with students at the University of Catania. In Catania, we began and ended our day in the square. We could see history through the impact of different cultures and natural disasters in the buildings. We traveled to the fish market, castle, Roman theater, cathedral and the university. In the university we visited Biblioteche Riunite ‘Civica e A. Ursino Recupero’, the oldest library in the world, a former Benediction monastery. It was amazing! We were able to see the books and learn the history behind them. A few of us added to the history of the library by adding our names to the registry which will be saved for centuries.

Today, we returned to our lectures. We were treated to a guest lecturer, Vittorio Pianese. He spoke of the history of the economy of the area and how the economy is being rebuilt post the recent financial crisis that impacted the world. Dougherty and Brig completed the day as we learned about our personal leadership skills and leadership brand.

Tomorrow we will spend our day visiting the Neapolis Archaeological Park and the Catacombs of San Giovanni….

Fino alla prossima volta, Ciao!