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Dani's 25 Days

ByeRoCo - Days 8-5

Danielle Lelie - May 03, 2016

We won't all be together, and some of us may never even talk again, but I am so grateful for the memories we've made and the people Rosemont gave me that I will never forget 💕 I am leaving Rosemont with not only a group of friends, but a second family.

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Dani's 25 Days

ByeRoCo - Day 10 & Day 9

Danielle Lelie - April 29, 2016

Wow. Ten days. Yesterday was the last day of classes, so it's only right for me to talk about my Professors. At times, they were my worst enemies (when I wanted to sleep but they gave me mass amounts of homework) but they were always supportive

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Dani's 25 Days left at Rosemont

#ByeRoCo - Day 12 and Day 11

Danielle Lelie - April 27, 2016

To go along with the sports theme, this ones for the countless bags of ice, the hours of PT, rehab, and strengthening exercises, and the trainers who were always there to (literally) pick me back up!

tags: studentlife, Dani's 25 Days

Danis Final Rosemont Days

ByeRoCo - Day 14 & 13

Danielle Lelie - April 25, 2016

Dani's final countdown days. This post includes Days 14 and 13. Read more about what makes her days special here.

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Day 15

ByeRoCo - Day 15

Danielle Lelie - April 22, 2016

Campus Corner. I know you can all agree that campus corner has saved your life at 1:30am when you're studying, starving, and nothing else is open. Here's to the countless "daily specials."

tags: studentlife, Dani's 25 Days