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Five Tips For Staying Awake In Class

Madeline Polino - September 14, 2016

Every college student’s dream is to sleep all the time and their biggest fear is not being awake during the most important parts of the day. 

There are many reasons that students get tired all the time, but there are some things you should do to keep yourself awake during the most important part of the day. You could constantly feel like you are tired even if you are sleeping many hours or you could be tired from just being awake really late trying to get homework done!

Here are some tips and tricks you could use that can help you stay awake during class!

  • WARNING. This COULD be a temporary helper. Coffee is good because of caffeine. Caffeine blocks the brain receptors that are associated with sleep, thus making it easier for one to stay awake. However, the effects of coffee can wear off and may not last forever. And drinking too much coffee and having too much caffeine in your system is not good for you!


  • Getting some sleep. Often people think that if you sleep more, the less tired you will be. In fact, sleeping more or less than 8 hours can make you more tired. Try your best to get as close to that as you can. Also, short power naps, around 20 minutes a piece can be refreshing. These things can allow your body to be ready to go and your mind to be sharp!


  • Taking notes. Keeping your mind busy in class may be something that keeps you awake. If you are sitting in class doing nothing, you may allow yourself to day dream, which may help you fall asleep. By thinking and writing consistently about what’s going on, even if you’re too tired to remember at that moment, that could help you later on with what actually happened in class.


  • Bringing a snack and water. Snacking on something healthy can help you stay awake. But water is something extremely beneficial. Being hydrated will keep you from feeling fatigued and the colder the water, the more alert you will be!


  • Chewing gum. By constantly chewing gum it will allow yourself to make a movement with your mouth. If you’re sitting in a chair and get comfortable and are not moving, you will fall asleep. The movement of chewing also stimulates the brain because it is not an involuntary movement like blinking and breathing.

There are a wide variety of ways to help yourself stay awake in class but these are the top five that seem to work best. Everyone has different ways that work best for them, so try them out and see what works for you!