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Meet Renny the Raven

Renny the Raven is surrounded by a group of undergraduate students in their Rosemont apparel.Renny means "small, but mighty." Renny The Raven was introduced to the Rosemont community in 2013. During the grand naming event, other college mascots came to welcome Renny to the family.

Even the Phillie Phanatic came to welcome Rosemont into the mascot world. Renny can be seen at open houses welcoming families, at sports games cheering on the Ravens, or just strolling around campus getting into trouble.

An Interview with Renny

A: Name five things you love (other than your family) or love doing? 
Q: I love attending Rosemont Sports games and cheering on the teams, meeting the locals around the Main Line, welcoming new families to Rosemont’s campus, getting my photo taken, and taking photos with you.

Q: What goal are you currently trying to achieve? 

A: I would like to learn how to fly one day. Kinda of embarrassing being a raven and flightless…. 

Q: Who or what inspires you? 

A: The Rosemont community inspires me. The students that attend every single game and cheer on their fellow students. The students are so impressive and show more heart and spirit than anywhere I have been. 

Q: Where is the furthest place you have traveled? 

A: I haven’t gotten many places, but why leave when all my favorite people are located at 1400 Montgomery Ave? 

Q: Favorite college memory?  (from what College?) 

A: When I finally got named! The Phillie Phanatic came to campus to give me my own name. 

Q: What advice would you give to your college self? 

A: Remember what my name means. “Small, but mighty” 

 Q: How would you define "Values"? 

A: I would define values as something we live by. Ravens' values mean being the best on and off courts or fields, and remembering that “sportsmanship because you should.” 

Q: What does the Rosemont Mission (broken into parts) mean to you? 

A: The Rosemont Mission is about strengthening our community. Our community is small, but mighty in every aspect. The mission is to guide all of us to live better lives and be the best we can be. 

Q: If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why? 

A: I don’t wear shoes…. 

Q: Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with Bill Gates or Bono? 

A: Big Bird, huge fan. Never have gotten a chance to meet the world famous bird. Who is Bono?