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Board of Directors

The Rosemont College Alumni Association Board of Directors plays a key leadership and advisory role in shaping the alumni outreach of Rosemont College. Through Board-instituted events, benefits, and initiatives, the Rosemont College Alumni Association provides a multitude of opportunities for alumni to engage in Rosemont’s service-oriented mission and actively maintain their connection to fellow alumni and to Rosemont College.

The Alumni Board consists of 20 members representing the Undergraduate College and the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. The Executive Committee, which includes the President of the Alumni Association, President-Elect, Vice-President, and Secretary, governs the Alumni Board, while six remaining committees focus on the planning and direction of each of the Board’s initiatives. The committees are: Admissions, Alumni Programs and Events, Community Service, Development, Nominating and Recognition, and Student Programs and Events. The Alumni Board meets three times per year on campus, while committees meet via teleconference on an as-needed basis throughout the year.

Each Director serves a three-year term with the option to run for a second consecutive term. If elected by the Board, Directors have the opportunity to move to an Executive Committee position and serve two consecutive two-year terms on the Executive Committee, with the exception of the President and President-Elect, who only serve one two-year term in each position.

If you would like to nominate someone for a board position, please email Joe Darrah, Director of Alumni Relations, at by Aug. 26 .