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Congratulations on Your Admission to Rosemont!

Choosing where to attend college is a BIG decision, one that comes with a lot of questions. This site is meant to support you as you navigate your way to joining the Rosemont Community. We hope you find it helpful! If you have questions and want to connect directly with someone on our team, please text or call 610-526-2966  or email We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Important Dates

  • Admitted Student Day: Sunday, March 17th or Saturday, April 13th, 2024
  • *Move-In Day (new students, with exception of some athletes): Thursday, August 22, 2024
  • *Orientation: Friday, August 23 – Saturday, August 25, 2024
  • First Day of Classes: Monday, August 26, 2024

*dates are subject to change pending finalization of move-in and orientation planning


Make it Official: Enroll Now

Are you ready to officially say, I'm a Rosemont Raven? Once you deposit you'll be notified of important next steps like creating your Rosemont email, housing sign-up, class registration, Orientation, and more.



Visit Campus

There's no better way to finalize your decision about attending Rosemont than to visit our campus. 



You're Enrolled! What's Next?

You've made it official! Now what? We've outlined what to expect now that you're a Rosemont Raven. Welcome to our vibrant, passionate, and unique community!



COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Learn more about Rosemont College’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Mask Guidance, including requirements for incoming students and exemption requests.



Class of 2027 Instagram

Get important information and dates—including financial aid deadlines, orientation, and move-in—and learn more about what your life as a Raven will look like. Follow @rosemont2027, then we’ll approve your request to join.


Tour Rosemont's Campus: Virtually

Explore Rosemont's beautiful 58-acre campus in suburban Philadelphia, 11 miles west of Center City.



Student Stories

Our students share how they transformed their lives, both intellectually and personally, while at Rosemont.

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Rosemont Athletics: Not Just for Athletes

Rosemont has 15 Division III teams, including men’s & women's basketball, soccer and men's baseball. You don't need to be an athlete to be a Raven, all students are invited to cheer on their fellow classmates.



Questions? We're Here to Help!

Our admissions team can answer your questions about the admissions process, financial aid, housing, and other topics related to this stage of your college journey.


More Information

Commuters are welcome to join any programs that are held in the residence halls, given the opportunity to serve on the Commuter Student Committee, and hold leadership positions across campus. Get information on public transportation, parking, meal plans, and more.

Our dining program offers you truly fresh, made-from-scratch food and constantly changing menus that focus on seasonal flavors, current culinary trends, and wholesome meal options. Learn more on our Dining Services page.


Q: How does one get air conditioning in the dorms?

A: In order to have an air conditioner i your room, you must supply a doctor’s note prior to coming to campus. Once we receive the note, you will be contacted by Residence Life to assess what type of air conditioner to purchase.

Q: What type of appliance are allowed in your room?

A: Microwaves, Instant coffee makers, diffusers, (de)humidifier, air fryer, toaster, and Scentsy wax melts are some of the examples of what you can have. You cannot bring any appliance that has an exposed heating element/source, such as candles, toaster ovens, and hot plates.

Q: Are showers communal or in your room?

A: For first-year students, the showers in your building are communal. There are two bathrooms on each floor for all residents.

Q: What’s the policy for having guests in your dorm room?

A: Currently due to the pandemic, there are no guests allowed in the dorms. When our restrictions are lifted, guests will be allowed as long as approved by Residence Life.

Q: Are pets allowed in dorms?

You are allowed to have a fish in your room in a tank that is no larger than 20 gallons. If you are in need of an emotional support animal, you must contact both the Student Academic Support Center and Residence Life for approval.

Q: Are there one or two people to a room?

A: You are welcome to try to request a single, but first-year students are usually placed with a roommate. You will receive an email from Residence Life once you have deposited asking for your preferences on rooming.


Q: Is it hard to get on a sports team if you weren’t recruited for a sport?

A: Not at all; in the beginning of each season, the coaches are open to letting anyone give a sport a try. All you need is a completed physical.

Q: What is the Student Athlete Committee?

A: Our student athlete committee is known as RSAAC (Rosemont Student Athlete Advisory Committee). They meet regularly with the director and assistant director of Athletics, with a representative from each sport. They also plan our D3 Week, which is a fun week full of games and events.


Q: Where can I buy Rosemont swag?

A: The Bookstore, which is online and in-person at the Community Center. You can also win merch by attending events on campus.

Q: Are skateboards and bikes common on campus?

A: Skateboard and bikes are extremely common on campus. Many people use them to get around, as well as to go off campus. We recommend bringing a bike lock for you bike, as well as respecting that larger campus pathways also accommodate cars.

Q: Do you do bus trips?

A: We do bus trips to a ton of places. We have in the past traveled to go ice skating at Penn’s Landing, see Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary, go apple picking, as well as attend a Phillies game and Flyers game. Our options are endless for off-campus trips.

Q: Is it easy to find a job on campus? What jobs are available?

Super easy! Using the job portal on our webste, or just by visiting offices, you are able to see what work study jobs are available. There are also jobs on campus if you do not have work study, such as tutoring, working in the dining hall, being an ambassador and many more.

If you have questions we haven't covered, let us know at

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Follow @rosemont2027 to meet classmates, get important information and dates—including financial aid deadlines, orientation, and move-in—and learn more about what your life as a Raven will look like. Follow @rosemont2027 on Instagram, we’ll approve your request to join.

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