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Graduate Financial Aid

African-American man about thirty in his cap and gown at graduation.

Several federal loan programs are available for graduate students, made accessible by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Complete the FAFSA online at, and enter the Rosemont College school code (003360).

Complete the FAFSA

Before completing the FAFSA , gather your federal income tax returns and W2 forms. If you're married, you'll also need your spouse's tax documents.

Once you're admitted and your FAFSA is complete, you'll gain access to Rosemont College‚Äôs online financial aid system, iNet. Using iNet complete the Rosemont College Financial Aid Application. Using the Financial Aid Application, either accept or decline the Federal Direct Loans you've been offered by completing the FAFSA.

If this is your first Direct Loan at Rosemont College, you are required to also complete a Direct Loan electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN) and Entrance Counseling through the Direct Loans website.


Alternative Loans for Graduate Students

Alternative loans, also known as private loans, are non-federal loans offered by private lenders such as a bank or credit union. They are available for both traditional undergraduate students and adult students in accelerated bachelor's degree or graduate programs.

Private loans may bridge the gap between the cost of education and the limited amount the government allows students to borrow from federal loan programs. There are no federal forms to complete. Loan limits and rates vary by lender, and students might need a credit-worthy cosigner.