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Book Rental Program FAQ Undergraduate College

The Rosemont Bookstore will provide all of your required books and course materials for rental at $25 per credit hour. If you enroll in the usual 12 credit hours per semester, you will be billed $300. You are automatically enrolled, it is that easy.

Art supplies that are used from year to year are not included. However, these supplies are sold at cost in the Bookstore to minimize your expenses.

Absolutely! These single use codes drive up your textbook expenses and we include these in the $25 per credit fee.

By offering a fixed fee, your prices are constant. An average student will save approx. 35% per year.


Yes, the rental program fees will be part of your tuition and fees.  It may be covered by your individual financial aid package.  It may also be rolled into your payment plan.

All students of the Undergraduate College are enrolled automatically, and will be billed accordingly. Students who do not wish to participate in the flat-rate rental program of the Rosemont college bookstore must opt-out of the program prior to the drop/add date of each semester. In order to opt out of the program, students must log on to the iWay and complete the opt-out form found on the Academic tab at If a student does not opt-out of the textbook program, their student account will be charged the textbook fee at the end of each drop/add period for the semester. The option to opt-out is for the semester, not per class.

If you are opting out, and

  • YOU HAVE NOT YET PICKED UP YOUR BOOKS, then completion of the form is all you have to do. We’ll take care of the rest by making an adjustment on your student bill after add/drop.  Just make sure to buy or rent your books as soon as possible so you are ready for the start of the semester.
  • YOU HAVE ALREADY PICKED UP YOUR BOOKS, complete the form above, and before the drop/add deadline, return ALL books and course materials received back to the bookstore.
      • You will be charged for any books that you fail to return to the bookstore prior to the deadline.
      • Even if you wish to purchase your books from the bookstore after opting out, you must still return your rental books to the bookstore to assure that you are charged properly for the books you wish to purchase.



After a student drops a class which was a part of this program, the student is responsible to return the books and materials acquired for that class to the bookstore by the end of the week during which the drop/add date occurs. If the student does not return those books and materials, the student’s account will be assessed for their cost.

Yes, you can still buy/rent your books through the Rosemont College Bookstore even if you've opted-out. Payment will be made directly to the Rosemont College Bookstore.

If your course does not require any books, you will not be charged a fee for that course. All accounts will be adjusted to reflect the student’s final schedule after the drop/add date.

You can! You can pay the difference for the cost of the book. For example, if the book cost $100, your $75 rental fee will be applied toward that cost and you will pay an additional $25 to keep the book.


You will be required to pay for any books you do not return. The cost for a lost book is the same as the buyout fee.


Textbooks not returned by the due date are fined $10.00 per book. Note: Unresolved textbook fees must be paid to the campus bookstore before you can register for a subsequent semester.


The books must be usable again. Highlighting is fine. Damaged, waterlogged, illegible books are not.


Yes, if the publisher offers them.


We will still provide accommodations through the Office of the Dean of Students.


There are no surprises. Your books will be automatically delivered to the Bookstore one week before classes, and you will be prepared for the first day of class without having to worry about getting your books.


The bookstore gets daily reports so the change will be noted, new books shipped and you will have them within two business days at the Bookstore.

Simply return the books to the Bookstore or ship them back.