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Return to the Nest Degree Completion Program

Banner with Return to the Nest - Rosemont CollegeBadge from US News and World Report Best Colleges for Social MobilityDid life get in the way of completing your bachelor’s degree when you were a Raven or Rosemonster?

You are not alone! Finishing your undergraduate degree as an adult isn’t always simple. You have a job, family, and so many other responsibilities to consider. Rosemont offers flexible, affordable, and accelerated undergraduate programs designed to meet the needs of your life today.

And now there’s another exciting reason: Rosemont’s Return to the Nest program,  an innovative, debt-forgiveness program. If you return to Rosemont and complete your degree, we will forgive outstanding debt owed to Rosemont, up to $10,000*.

We recognize that, for many students, obtaining a college degree is not always a linear path. We want you to understand that pausing a college education doesn’t mean ending it. We urge you to get back in touch with us and learn how you can complete your degree and erase any outstanding debt owed to Rosemont.

Rosemont College prides itself on providing access and opportunity to those seeking a degree. We offer flexibility with fully online, evening, and traditional day courses, and will work with you step by step in your journey to graduation. 

Interested?  Call 610-526-2966 or email the Office of Admissions at

Frequently Asked Questions

You may participate in Return to the Nest as a student in either the traditional Undergraduate College or The School of Professional Studies, designed for adult learners, working students, and nontraditional students, with flexible options and a strong support system -- all of which are keys to graduation. We will connect you with resources across campus to offer the help you need to achieve your goal of a college degree.  

You can complete your degree in:

Start your Return To The Nest by completing a free application:

Application for Professional Studies Programs

Rosemont offers flexible, affordable, and accelerated undergraduate programs to meet your needs. The School of Professional Studies offers accelerated bachelor's degrees in Applied PsychologyBusiness Administration, Writing Studies, and Criminal Justice for adult students. Our School of Professional Studies designs undergraduate programs with flexibility and convenience. Learn more.


Application for the Undergraduate College

The Undergraduate College offers over twenty bachelor's degrees in Arts, Business, Liberal Arts, and Science. We also offer dual-degree options, an Honors Program, three-year options, and more. You'll be encouraged to think critically, analyze information effectively, and make decisions based on reasoned reflection.  With an average class size of 12 students, our size provides an unparalleled educational experience. Learn more.


*Applies to outstanding balances on Rosemont College student accounts only. Return to the Nest does NOT forgive federal student loan debt, or other accounts held by third party creditors.