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A Parents Letter

My how time does fly! It seems like yesterday when I was dropping my son off at his dorm at Rosemont College. During these past four years I have seen a lot of growth in my son. Never before had he done so many things that he has grown to endure and learn during his time at Rosemont College.

N'chi, an male African-American student and his mother

During his freshman year he decided to try something new and play a sport that was completely unfamiliar to him…lacrosse. During this time he struggled to make it to class on time, make it to practice on time and continue to study and make good grades. Through the advising of all the encouraging staff at Rosemont, he was able to do all of those tasks successfully.
As the next year progressed he was deciding what he wanted to be when he “grew up." He stumbled upon one of the professors in the Sociology department who sparked an interest. He came home one day blooming about all these ideas and terms he learned in this class and sounded really excited to learn more and more. I said to myself, “Wow, I guess I am really getting my money’s worth here! “
Throughout N’chi’s sophomore and junior year, I saw a change in my son. I witnessed how the staff and faculty at Rosemont had molded and formed him into a very perceptive, intelligent and well-rounded individual. Rosemont College offered him a plethora of different life skills and opportunities that will last him a lifetime.
We both are very grateful for the experiences and life lessons Rosemont has offered N’chi. They will undoubtedly last a lifetime for the both of us. Thank you to all of the great faculty and staff who have helped my son become the young and aspiring man that he continues to be!
Dionne T. Clark-DeLoatch - mother of N’chi Clark ‘16