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BIO-0150 Life Science I (Cell Biology) 3 Credits
BIO-0151 Life Science I Laboratory 1 Credit
BIO-0155 Life Science II (Organismal Biology) 3 Credits
BIO-0156 Life Science II Laboratory 1 Credit
CHE-0142 General Chemistry I  3 Credits
CHE-0143 General Chemistry I Laboratory 1 Credit
CHE-0145 General Chemistry II 3 Credits
CHE-0146 General Chemistry II Laboratory 1 Credit
CHE-0230 Organic Chemistry I  3 Credits
CHE-0231 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 1 Credit
CHE-0235 Organic Chemistry II 3 Credits 
CHE-0236 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 1 Credit
PHY-0150 General Physics I 3 Credits
PHY-0151 Physics I Laboratory 1 Credit
PHY-0155 General Physics II 3 Credits
PHY-0156 Physics II Laboratory 1 Credit
ENC-0310 MCAT Review 1 Credit

Students in the Post-baccalaureate pre-medical program may also take any of the biology, math, or chemistry electives that will enhance their application to professional or graduate school. Recent changes to the MCAT may indicate that there are courses in the social Sciences and humanities that students who have not taken those courses may want to consider taking.