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Undergraduate Research

Are you the person who always asks, "why?" Does the challenge of the unanswered question make you come alive? Consider getting involved in research. Conducting research as an undergraduate at Rosemont will not only enhance your understanding of your area of study, it will prepare you for graduate programs and provide you with valuable connections in your chosen field.

And, you may just discover the answers to those questions after all!

According to the Council on Undergraduate Research, undergraduate research is classified as an intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.  It is one of the four components of Experiential Learning at Rosemont College.

Here at Rosemont College, undergraduate research is not limited to students majoring in science, but it's also available to students in all disciplines.

Undergraduate research benefits you in many ways. This includes providing you with valuable academic opportunities and connections when you're looking for graduate programs. In addition, undergraduate research has been shown to enhance classroom performance.