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Study Abroad

Study Abroad Study Abroad offers students an exceptionally unique opportunity whereby students not only see the world, but also live in another country. Immersion in another culture and language provides an exceptionally thorough learning experience. Not only will students learn about the country they visit, but they will also learn about their personal potential. Students who study abroad will find their previous opinions challenged by their new surroundings.

Study abroad also offers an opportunity to experience new things like trying different foods and fashions. Studying abroad uncovers new places to walk and bike and hike. Challenge yourself to put your toes in as many oceans as you encounter or visit a famous body of water like the Dead Sea. Care to climb? Visit the mountains in New Zealand. Want to swim? Snorkel in the waters of Australia. Try surfing, skiing, or join a hill walking club. Universities often provide student visitors with club sports or occasionally sponsor trips.


The Office of Post Graduate Success encourages every student to at least consider studying abroad to fulfill the Rosemont experiential learning component by visiting their office and exploring all the possibilities.

Study Abroad Timeline

 Visit the Office of Post Graduate Success to pick up study abroad packet and discuss possibilities 

Research programs and obtain info for the following year 
Discuss course choices with Academic Advisor and obtain course approvals 
Meet with financial aid (preliminary meeting to discuss financing options) 
Discuss program and finances with your parents 
Decide on program to which you will apply 
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