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Academic Research


Undergraduate research has become increasingly popular in colleges and in universities.  According to the Council on Undergraduate Research, undergraduate research is classified as an intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.  It is one of the four components of Experiential Learning at Rosemont College.

Here at Rosemont College undergraduate research is not limited to those in the science field, but is available to students in all disciplines.  Undergraduate research aids faculty members in enhancing their teaching and contribution to the community by remaining active in research and by involving undergraduates in research.  The purpose is for the student to take the information learned in the classroom and use research to complement that knowledge and delve more deeply into unanswered questions.  Undergraduate research benefits students in many ways.  It provides the student with more academic opportunities and connections that will be valuable when looking for graduate programs.  It has also been shown to enhance a student's classroom performance.  The overall experience will aid the student whether they pursue a graduate program or enter the non-academic workforce.

More information about academic research can be obtained from the student's advisor and the Office of Experiential Opportunities and Post Graduate Success.