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Degree Requirements

Major Requirements for a BA in MATH

In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College.


General Education Requirements 57 to 58 credits

Six credits from the Math major can be applied towards General Education requirements.

Required Courses 42 credits
MAT-0120 Calculus I 3 credits
MAT-0121 Calculus II 3 credits
MAT-0122 Calculus III 3 credits
MAT-0200 Number Theory 3 credits
MAT-0203 Linear Algebra 3 credits
MAT-0300 Probability and Statistics 3 credits
MAT-0310 Differential Equations 3 credits
MAT-02**  2 additional 200-level math courses 3 credits
Three Additional Math Requirements for Secondary Ed Math Majors:
MAT-0380 History of Mathematics 3 credits
EDU-0382 Math Methods 3 credits
MAT-0422 Survey of Geometry 3 credits