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BS Elementary Education PK-4 with PK-8 Special Education

The BS in Elementary Education PK-4 with PK-8 Special Education Track provides the student with the ability to teach in pre-school through Grade 4 and in pre-school through Grade 8 special education classrooms.  The successful completion of this program, in addition to meeting all testing and GPA requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, will lead  to acquiring an Instructional I Certificate in the PK-4 span and the PK-8 special education span.

Requirements For BS in Elementary Education with PK-8 Special Education Track

Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 credits to graduate.  Education students typically acquire more than the minimum number.

Students must complete the requirements for the Teacher Education Program in Elementary Education with the PK-8 Track and the general education requirements of the College.

Elementary PK-4 with PK-8 Track Required Courses

The course requirements detailed below have been developed to meet the certification standards promulgated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education(PDE)

Development, Cognition, and Learning

EDU 0201

Observation and Analysis

3 credits

EDU 0240

Topics in Learning

3 credits

PSY 0200

Developmental Psychology

3 credits

PSY 0100

Introduction to Psychology

3 credits

 Subject Matter Pedagogy

EDU 0200

Development of Education in the United States

3 credits

EDU 0250

Early Childhood Education

3 credits

EDU 0260

Children’s Literature

3 credits

EDU 0383

Diagnostic and Prescriptive Language Arts Instruction in Special Education

3 credits

EDU 0386

Diagnostic and Prescriptive Mathematics Instruction in Special Education

3 credits

EDU 0325

The Study of Autism Spectrum Disorders

3 credits

EDU 0365

Practicum in High Incidence Disabilities

3 credits

EDU 0405

Teaching the Arts in Elementary School

3 credits

EDU 0395

Teaching Phys. Ed. And Health

1.5 credits

EDU 0427

Technology in the Curriculum

1.5 credits


EDU 0385

Educational Assessment and Statistics

3 credits


PSY 0328

Psychopathology of Childhood

3 credits

 Family and Community Collaborative Partnerships 

EDU 0230

The School, the Family, and the Community

3 credits


EDU 0220

Effective Teaching Strategies in PK-12 Classrooms

3 credits

PHI 0272

Ethics and Social Values

3 credits

 Additional Requirements 

EDU 0270

Classroom Behavior Management

3 credits

EDU 0280

Fundamentals of Special Education

3 credits

EDU 0380

Working with Students with Disabilities and Gifted Students

3 credits

EDU 0355

Principles and Practices of Working with English Language Learners

3 credits


American Sign Language I

3 credits


American Sign Language II

3 credits

Student Teaching = 12 credit hours

Students pursuing this track must teach in both the regular elementary   education classroom and the special education classroom.