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International Business

Class of ethnically diverse and attentive students

There is a fundamental shift occurring in the world economy in which there is a movement toward an elimination of barriers to cross-border business, trade, and investment. Advances in technology and telecommunications have increased this interdependence by shrinking distance and allowing for an interdependent world economy, known as globalization. The International Business program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to succeed in this changing world economy.

In addition to meeting the course requirements for this major (120 credits), all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. 

Required Courses Course Number Credits
Legal Environment of Business BUS-0100 3
Statistics I & Problem Section BUS-0220 3
Statistics II & Problem Section BUS-0221 3
Management Information Systems BUS-0240 3
Organizational Theory of Management BUS-0300 3
Marketing BUS-0350 3
Introduction to International Business BUS-0480 3
3 Courses in the areas of International Finance, International Trade & Marketing, International Economics, International Law or International Relations   9
Senior Seminar BUS-0490 3
Internship or Study Abroad Program BUS-0455 Varies
Financial Accounting I ACC-0100 3 + 1
Financial Accounting II ACC-0101 3
Managerial/Cost Accounting ACC-0200 3
Required Supporting Courses Course Number Credits
Introduction to Macro-Economics ECO-0100  3
Macro-economics Problems & Applications ECO-L100 1
Introduction to Micro-economics ECO-0101 3
Micro-economics Problems & Applications  ECO-L101 1
Business Ethics PHI-0270 3

The remaining hours are electives and can consist of business or accounting classes, but should not be limited to only these areas.



Christine Hagedorn smiling with glasses on in front of a building

Christine Hagedorn

Assistant Professor, UC Business