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Counseling Degree Requirements


Major Requirements for a B.A. in Counseling

In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Counseling requires 120 credits.

General Education Requirements 57 to 58 credits

Six credits from the Psychology major may be applied towards general education requirements.

Required Courses 42 credits
PSY-0100 Basic Concepts in Counseling 3 credits
PSY-0200 Developmental Counseling 3 credits
PSY-0210 Descriptive Statistics 3 credits
PSY-0280 Inferential Statistics 3 credits
PSY-0260 Psychological Inquiry and Writing 3 credits
PSY-0326 Research Methods 3 credits
PSY-0461 Internship 3 credits
PSY-0471 Senior Seminar* 3 credits
Six elective courses 18 credits, chosen from:
PSY-0222 Multicultural Psychology 3 credits
PSY-0241 Cognition and Perception 3 credits
PSY-0250 Social and Interpersonal Psychology 3 credits
PSY-0300 Personal Growth & Adjustment: A Humanistic Approach 3 credits
PSY-0328 Psychopathology of Childhood 3 credits
PSY-0340 Psychology of Personality 3 credits
PSY-0361 Educational Psychology 3 credits
PSY-0366 Media Psychology 3 credits
PSY-0380 Abnormal Psychology 3 credits
PSY-0330 Adolescent Psychology 3 credits
PSY-0405 Women and Psychology 3 credits
PSY-0410 Theories of Counseling 3 credits
PSY-0450 Seminar in Contemporary Readings 3 credits

*To be taken concurrently with PSY-0461 in senior year


The remaining credit hours are electives and can consist of Psychology courses, but should not be limited to this particular discipline.