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Philosophy Degree Requirements

Major Requirements for a BA in Philosophy

In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy requires 120 credits.

General Education Requirements 57 to 58 credits

Students may apply 6 credits in their major towards General Education requirements.

Required Courses 34 to 36 credits
PHI-0100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits
PHI-0200 History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval 3 credits
PHI-0201 History of Western Philosophy: Early Modern Thought 3 credits
PHI-0230 Introduction to Logic 3 credits
PHI-0330 Special Topics 3 credits
PHI-0360 Ethical Theory 3 credits
PHI-0420 Senior Seminar 3 credits
PHI-0272 Service Learning, Ethics 1 credit
PHI-0485 Internship 1 to 3 credits
  Four elective courses at the 200-level or higher 12 credits
Recommended Supporting Courses 15 credits
HIS-0110 Origins of Culture 3 credits
HIS-0250 Emergence of the European World 3 credits
RST-0124 World Religions 3 credits


The remaining credit hours are electives and can consist of Philosophy courses, but should not be limited to this particular discipline.