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Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies major emphasizes the role that the liberal arts play in creating a sustainable future. Instead of focusing on particular job skills that are likely to change in the short term, the major helps you develop the master skills necessary to adapt to the rapidly-changing demands our society places on preserving and managing our environment.

An interdisciplinary major, courses cover biology, chemistry, communication, philosophy, political science, and statistics. We encourage students to take electives in environment-themed courses in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

The Environmental Studies curriculum emphasizes both theoretical and philosophical knowledge, and how to apply them to practical applications in the community.

Careers in Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies graduates have a broad base of knowledge and transferable skills to use in the marketplace. You might go into environmental consulting, politics, or nonprofit or NGO organizations.

Graduates also continue on to roles in federal, state, and local government. Graduate-level programs in related fields are also popular choices.

Rosemont's Office of Post-Graduate Success can help hone in career options, networking, and experiential learning including internships and study abroad.

Our students have held internship positions at the EPA, the city planner's office, the Philadelphia Zoo, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, and U.S. National Park Services.

Research and Mentorship

As with out other programs, faculty mentors, hands-on research, small classes, and dedicated academic support are all part of what makes Rosemont, Rosemont. Dr. Dumas, Director of Environmental Science & Studies, is recognized as an outstanding educator by Lower Merion Environmental Council with the "Go for the Green Award". She was interviewed on local tv about the honor.

Rosemont College Center for Hydroponics & Sustainability

Hydroponics lab at Rosemont College.

  • Learn aspects of plant biology, learn how to operate a hydroponics system
  • Engage community in health and environmental benefits of hydroponics.
  • Participate in local farmer's markets.

Rosegrow Coalition: Student Environmental Action Team

  • Take action for sustainable solutions on campus
  • Host environmental speakers
  • Work with other student clubs and Catholic Covenant Committee
  • Attend sustainability conferences