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Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies

Earn your BA in Environmental Studies at Rosemont CollegeExplore Our Environment; Improve Our World 

If you care about the fate of our planet, getting your degree in Sustainability Studies will help you work toward solutions. Rosemont students get a holistic view of how to care for the planet, incorporating political science, business, and communication with the science of sustainability, to prepare you for a range of careers tackling important and evolving environmental issues. This approach is reinforced by co-taught courses with professors from different disciplines to help you see issues from varying viewpoints. 

At Rosemont, we use our beautiful campus as a living laboratory, including doing water quality research in the stream that runs through campus, a new biodiversity tracking project, and botany and bird walks. Because we believe strongly in experiential education, you’ll get opportunities to conduct research during your time at Rosemont. 

Why Study Sustainability at Rosemont? 

Our program’s emphasis on communication strategies and sociology in combination with environmental science uniquely prepares our students to engage in sustainability topics. This approach is intentionally designed to ensure that as environmental issues evolve, you always have the skills to tackle new challenges to our world. 

At Rosemont, we believe that no matter what discipline you study, the ability to communicate effectively is a cornerstone of success. Rosemont prepares all its students to build a career based on sound leadership, ethics, and communication that combine with strong skills in your field of study. 

Join the Rosegrow Coalition, Broaden Your Experience 

Rosegrow is the student environmental action team, focused on creating more sustainable practices on campus and providing learning opportunities for its members. The group, which consists of students and faculty from a variety of majors, has led initiatives including a waste reduction campaign on campus, a move to use more native plants in landscaping, and data gathering on single-use plastic bottles. They also host speakers and present films focused on environmental issues to raise awareness. 

Coursework Examples 

Sustainability Studies combines several disciplines including science, sociology, and business to prepare you to address an ever-evolving set of environmental concerns.  

  • BIO 0230: Ecology 
  • BUS 333: Sustainability for Business: Green Investing 
  • ENV 0110: Healing Earth 
  • PSC 0283: The Politics of Sustainability 
  • PHI 0290: Environmental Ethics 

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Look Forward to a Successful Future 

A degree in Sustainability Studies prepares you to play a tangible role in tackling environmental challenges in your community and beyond. Career paths include:  

  • Environmental policy analyst 
  • Environmental researcher 
  • Food systems analyst 
  • Transportation specialist 
  • Sustainability coordinator 
  • Energy efficiency specialist 
  • Environmental advocate/campaigner 
  • Environmental educator/outreach 
  • Urban planner 
  • Water resources manager 


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