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Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Supportive professors, state-of-the-art equipment define Rosemont College's Chemistry department.

Chemistry students at Rosemont have the best of both worlds. Our small classes led by experts in their fields provide you with individualized attention so you get the most from your education. But our small size doesn’t keep us from providing rich scientific experience. Thanks to the generosity of the Mary Kathryn Campbell Fund for Scientific Discovery in Chemistry, Rosemont also has the latest lab equipment so our students can conduct research and participate in experiential learning as if they were at a much bigger school. 

Chemists work to solve key scientific problems, and Rosemont will prepare you to dive into your career with research experience that starts early on. Our instructors work with students to conduct research, publish papers, and even present at scientific conferences and win awards. Your Rosemont education will prepare you to work in fields that range from marine biology to microwave radiation and green nanotechnology.  

With a degree in Chemistry from Rosemont, you’ll be ready to enter any scientific field or further your education. 

Do you want to be a teacher? If you are considering a career in science education, Rosemont will get you ready for teacher certification for grades 7-12. In addition to your required classes for your degree, you will take a specific set of Education courses that are designed to prepare to take the teacher certification exam. If you choose this path, advisors from each discipline will work together to support you and ensure you’re meeting all the criteria to become a certified science teacher.  View course requirements.

Why Study Chemistry at Rosemont? 

Smaller class sizes and faculty who know you, know your goals, and are ready to support you throughout are a hallmark of a Rosemont education. A smaller department doesn’t define the scope of your education, however. Chemistry students have access to cutting-edge instruments including FT-IR spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatographer, and High-Performance Liquid Chromatographer. We utilize this state-of-the-art lab equipment to conduct research with our students and support them presenting their findings at scientific meetings. Because of opportunities like this, you’ll leave Rosemont ready to launch your career or to seek an advanced degree. 

Rosemont believes in combining hands-on experience with coursework in your field to deepen your understanding of the content and best prepare you for an advanced degree or the job market. You will also learn to present papers and lead discussion as part of your Senior Seminar- crucial skills for any science career. 

Clubs for Chemistry Majors 

Rosemont has over 20 clubs and organizations for students to choose from. Two that are popular with Chemistry majors are Rosegrow and the Pre-Health Club. Rosegrow is the Environmental Action Coalition on campus. Their activities include hosting speakers, heading sustainability projects on campus and even some environmental research work.  

The Pre-Health Club is devoted to developing a community of students interested in careers in healthcare. You’ll have work with your classmates from across the science disciplines, giving you the chance to learn with like-minded peers. The club provides students with access to practice key skills such as CPR and suturing, observe medical procedures, support health causes, and learn from speakers who are experts in the field of medicine.  

Coursework Examples 

Chemistry majors take both required and supporting classes in their major, additional required supporting classes, and general education requirements.  

  • CHE 0230: Organic Chemistry 
  • CHE 0250: Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry 
  • CHE 0320: Physical Chemistry 
  • CHE 0400: Biochemistry 
  • CHE 0340: Intro to Neuroscience and Nanotech  

view degree requirements

Look Forward to a Successful Future 

A degree in Chemistry provides a firm foundation to plan for graduate school, medical school, teaching, or a variety of chemistry-related careers in healthcare, government, and industry. Jobs for graduates with a BA in Chemistry include: 

  • Chemical technician 
  • Toxicologist
  • Chemistry teacher
  • Water chemist
  • Analytical chemist
  • Synthetic chemist
  • Pharmaceutical chemist
  • Quality control chemist
  • Organic chemist 

From Our Alumni

Lauren Profitt

“The Chemistry department at Rosemont College prepared me for my career by providing me with research opportunities which gave me basic lab skills that were the foundation for my career in chemistry. I also believe the most beneficial parts of my Rosemont education were the small class sizes and individual attention. Because of this, I was given many opportunities to give presentations in class, receiving feedback on my public speaking skills and ways to calm my nerves. My professors gave me an invaluable skill set: to present myself, my research, and my ideas to the world confidently and clearly.” - Lauren Profitt

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