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History Degree Requirements

Major Requirements for a BA in History

In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. The Bachelor of Arts degree in History requires 120 credits.

Students who plan to seek teaching certification at the secondary (high school) level along with a major in History should consult with the history faculty early in their sophomore year about their program of study.


General Education Requirements 57 to 58 credits

Six credits of courses required for the History Major can be applied to General Education requirements.

Required Courses 39 credits
HIS-0110 Origins of our Culture 3 credits
HIS-0200 History of the United States to 1877 3 credits
HIS-0201 History of the United States Since 1877 3 credits
HIS-0250 Emergence of the European World 3 credits
HIS-0251 Europe Since Napoleon 3 credits
HIS-0274 Skill Building for Fun and Profit 3 credits
HIS-0451 Historians and Their Craft 3 credits
Two European History Electives 6 credits, chosen from:
HIS-0306 Kaiserreich to Third Reich – Germany Since 1871 3 credits
HIS-0307 Nazi Germany 3 credits
HIS-0359 Radicals and Reactionaries 3 credits
HIS-0349 History for Science Majors 3 credits
HIS-0362 Who Started the Great War? 3 credits
HIS-0363 Europe Since 1945 3 credits
Two American History Electives 6 credits, chosen from:
HIS-0232 History of Women in America 1865 to the Present 3 credits
HIS-0231 History of Women in America 1600 to 1865 3 credits
HIS-0271 Beyond Salsa: Latinas and Latinos in United States History 3 credits
HIS-0273 Ethnicity in American History 3 credits
HIS-0337 History of Childbirth in America 3 credits
HIS-0375 Making America Modern: Ideas and Ideals 3 credits
HIS-0389 History of the Family in America 3 credits
Required Supporting Courses* 6 credits
  Two courses in Political Science or Economics 6 credits
Recommended Supporting Courses* 6 credits
INT-0200 Research Methods Across the Disciplines 3 credits
  One course in Philosophy 3 credits

*Chosen in consultation with the student’s major mentor


The remaining credit hours are electives and can consist of History courses, but should not be limited to those particular disciplines.