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Bachelor of Arts in History of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art believes that art has the ability to tell the stories of the past and uncover its secrets. Looking at the past allows us to look towards the future. Through art history we are able to look at art to determine the symbolism, colors, and materials significant to certain time periods and cultures based on the piece in question.
The History of Art major at Rosemont College allows students to delve into the visual culture of Eastern and Western civilization, from the first marks carved by humans in caves through contemporary art scenes in the U.S. and abroad.
Courses investigate paintings, sculpture, architecture, the decorative arts, photography, and film. All courses include integrated, interactive museum, gallery, or other service learning components.
Students have the opportunity to learn through internships that provide career training at museums, galleries and other venues. Students are encouraged to partake in travel abroad opportunities that allow students to experience art firsthand. They attend symposia and panel discussions with educators, museum personnel, artists, conservationists and art critics.

Academic Opportunities for History of Art Majors

Because of Rosemont's close proximity to Philadelphia, students have the ability to closely study famous works of art in the major museums of Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York.  Courses are innovative and challenging. Past courses include Body Art and Tattoos, Hollywood Horror Film, and The Arts of Death. Students have interned at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Christies Auction House, the Brandywine River Museum of Art, Freemans Auction House, and the Clay Studio. 

Program Director

Tina Bizzarro
History of Art, Professor
610.527.0200 x 2319