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Bachelor of Arts in History of Art

Become an Art Aficionado  

Every artwork has a story to tell. Art historians are trained to uncover that narrative—and share it with the world. Professionals in art history examine an artist’s use of symbolism, colors, and materials to extract details about the cultural, social, environmental, and political contexts behind the work.  

As a student in Rosemont’s Bachelor of Arts in History of Art program, you’ll delve into the fascinating visual culture of Eastern and Western civilization, from the first marks carved by humans in caves through modern, vibrant art scenes in the United States and abroad. 

Courses investigate paintings, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, photography, and film. All classes include integrated, interactive museum, gallery, or other service-learning components. You’ll gain real-world insight and hands-on experience during internships at galleries and museums, as well as symposia and panel discussions with educators, museum personnel, artists, conservationists, and art critics.  

Why Study History of Art at Rosemont? 

Rosemont’s intentionally small class size allows our students to make deep connections to their peers and professors, helping you find your unique voice and expanding your professional opportunities. Our intimate academic environment means that you’ll be an active participant in your learning: contributing to discussions, engaging with different viewpoints, and thinking critically about your own.     

We realize that figuring out your calling is a process, so History of Art faculty serve as mentors, truly getting to know each student’s talents and ambitions. From discussing the best classes for your goals to introducing you to career paths you may not have known existed, professors and advisors support you through every step of your academic journey.    

Outside the classroom, the on-campus Patricia M. Nugent Gallery is central to students’ artistic and academic development. Frequent exhibit openings bring accomplished artists to Rosemont, exposing students to new corners of the art world and broadening their professional network. 

Our location in suburban Philadelphia is yet another fantastic resource. With renowned art museums, studios, and galleries throughout the city and surrounding suburbs, opportunities to land an internship or explore the works of both emerging and legendary artists abound. 

Coursework Examples 

  • ARH 0232: Early Christian and Medieval Art 
  • ARH 0278: Dada and Surrealism: Art of Social Pandemic 
  • ARH 0297: History of Photography  
  • ARH 0331: “Scream Queens”: Women, Violence, and the Hollywood Horror Film 
  • ARH 0470: Art Historical Research and Methodology 

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Look Forward to a Successful Future 

Expertise in visual literacy, research, writing, cultural awareness, and critical & creative thinking are valuable assets to nearly any career. Jobs for graduates with a BA in History of Art include: 

  • Gallery curator 
  • Museum director 
  • Art librarian 
  • Art director 
  • Art teacher 
  • Archivist 
  • Collections manager 
  • Nonprofit administrator