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English Major

 Alte Bücher im Bücherregal

The study of literature is the study of the human experience, reflecting on the lives of others through their creative expression. Explore, integrate, and challenge key issues in literature, culture and contemporary society through the study of fiction, drama, poetry, essays, biographies, journals, diaries, and periodicals.

Why Study English at Rosemont?

As an English major at Rosemont, you’ll join a close-knit community of students and faculty, all of whom are passionate about language. You’ll take courses that span the history of American, British, and world literature. Learn to apply literary criticism and theory, and strengthen your skills in creative, academic, and professional writing.

As with all our academic programs, the Rosemont experience is marked by small classes, close collaboration, and plenty of one-on-one mentorship with outstanding faculty. No matter what discipline you choose as your major or minor, you’ll access more opportunities both in and out of the classroom due to our small size.

Program Options

4+1 Programs - BA and MA or MFA

As an undergraduate student in English at Rosemont, you’ll have the opportunity to begin taking graduate courses as soon as your junior year. Rosemont is home to outstanding graduate programs in both Publishing and Creative Writing. Whether you want to advance your creative writing or delve into the nuts and bolts of the ever-changing publishing industry, Rosemont is an excellent place to do it.

Theatre Minor

No matter what career you see yourself pursuing, studying theatre will benefit you. Not only is theater a scholarly discipline, shaping and energizing other areas of study, it’s also a creative outlet that helps you develop an effective personal presence. As a theater minor, you’ll also participate in stage productions, putting into practice the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

Possible Courses:

  • Classical Myth in Literature
  • Introduction to Irish/Anglo-Irish Literature
  • African-American Literature
  • Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking
  • Radio & Sound Production
  • Environmental Communication
  • Creative Writing – Playwriting 

Student Life Opportunities for English Majors

Rosemont is home to several clubs and extracurricular opportunities, with more forming all the time. Many English majors participate in the student-run literary magazine “Thorn”, Rosemont College's own Literary and Art Magazine. We are also home to a spoken word club, an improv and scripted theater club, and a book club.

English Major Careers

The career possibilities open to Rosemont English majors are endless. They become successful lawyers, editors, novelists, investment bankers, professors, magazine writers, teachers, and executives in advertising and public relations, among many other rewarding, prestigious, and lucrative fields. Perhaps no other major leads to so many different job possibilities.

Experiential learning  is a vital component of the Undergraduate College, and the Office of Post Grad Success helps facilitates these experiences to prepare graduates for the transition into the workforce. 

Rosemont graduates enjoy professional success in media, non-profit administration, law, communications (including public relations), and more. Rosemont English graduates have also earned advanced degrees in Creative Writing and English literature, law, library science, education, and business management.