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Art Education Certification (PK-12)

Become an Art Teacher 

If you’re excited about instilling a lifelong love of learning and art in the next generation, then becoming an art teacher can be a fulfilling career. Art teachers are trained as both artist and educator, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the fine arts and classroom-management tools you’ll need to effectively teach—and inspire—your students. 

To achieve this, Rosemont students pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Design and complete designated Education courses to prepare you for Art Education (PK-12) teaching certification. Students must also fulfill all testing and GPA requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Your major advisor and the Director of Education, who serves as a second advisor, will ensure that all required coursework is completed prior to student teaching. 

Why Study Art Education at Rosemont? 

Our Education program has a 100% job placement rate. We give credit to our outstanding, committed faculty, who are all seasoned practitioners at local schools. They are genuinely invested in each student’s success, providing firsthand insight on how to not just land a job, but thrive as an educator at schools of all types. The Education department also offers networking opportunities, help with resume writing, and engagement in mock interviews with teachers and administrators who work at area schools. 

Grow as an artist: The on-campus Patricia M. Nugent Gallery is central to students’ artistic and professional development. Frequent exhibit openings bring accomplished artists to Rosemont, giving students opportunities to ask questions and grow their professional network. Plus, seniors in the Studio Art and Design program take part in their own gallery show. Our location in suburban Philadelphia is another fantastic resource. With renowned art museums, studios, and galleries throughout the city and suburbs, you’ll have ample chances to hone your craft while exploring the works of both emerging and legendary artists. 

Thrive in a close-knit, supportive setting: Rosemont’s intentionally small class size allows our students to make deep connections to their peers and professors, helping you find your unique voice and expanding your worldview. Our intimate academic environment means that you’ll be an active participant in your learning: contributing to discussions, engaging with different viewpoints, and thinking critically about your own.   

Degree Requirements: BA in Studio Art and Design + Art Education Certification

General Education Requirements (57-58 credits)

 In addition to meeting the course requirements for the Studio Art and Design major and education certification, all students must also fulfill the General Education requirements for the Undergraduate College. Student may apply 9 credits from their major toward these requirements. 

Education Requirements

Required Courses (37 credits) Credits
EDU 0200: Development of Education in the U.S. 3
EDU 0201: Observation and Analysis of Teaching and Learning in the Contemporary Classroom 3
EDU 0220: Teaching Strategies PK-12 3
EDU 0380: Working with Disabled and Gifted Students in an Inclusion Program 3
EDU 0270: Classroom and Behavior Management 3
EDU 0280: Foundations of Special Education 3
EDU 0355: Principles and Practices of Working with English Language Learners 3
EDU 0401: Teaching Art K-12 3
EDU 0455: Student Teaching and Seminar 12

Studio Art & Design Requirements

Required Courses (39 credits) Credits
ARS 0100: Drawing I 3
ARS 0101: Visual Fundamentals I 3
ARS 0201: Visual Fundamentals II 3
ARS 0205: Painting I 3
ARS 0215: Ceramics I 3
ARS 0230: Papermaking I 3
ARS 0250: Computer Graphics I 3
ARS 0260: Printmaking I 3
ARS 0295: Options in Art 3
ARS 0495: Senior Project Seminar I 3
ARS 0497: Senior Project Seminar II 3
History of Art Courses (14 credits) Credits
ARH 0175: History of Art I 3
ARH 0177: History of Art I Enrichment 3
ARH 0177: History of Art I Enrichment 3
ARH 0176: History of Art II 3
ARH 0178: History of Art II Enrichment 3

In addition to the courses below, students must also complete two History of Art electives (6 credits).

Additional Requirements

  • A 3D course which can include Ceramics, Sculpture, Multimedia and Papermaking (3 credits)
  • Art elective (3 credits)


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