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Sport Management Major

Crowded sports arena.

If you love any aspect of sports, then the Sport Management program at Rosemont College is for you! Whether your interests lie in coaching and competition, sports products and services, policy and administration, or even law and compliance, you will find what you need to excel in this burgeoning field. Our strong foundation in both traditional business and liberal arts means that you will obtain the skills to distinguish yourself as a leader in the industry, and someone who understands the POWER of sports.

If you're interested in pursuing leadership opportunities-whether in the collegiate, professional, or amateur arena - the Sport Management program at Rosemont can help you get there. The Sport Management program at Rosemont provides you with a foundation in business applied to the sport industry, its products, and its services.

The primary goals of the program are (1) to develop an in-depth knowledge of planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating (the core management functions) within the context of a sport business organization; (2) to develop competent leaders for the various professions that focus on sport; and (3) to provide the foundation for students who desire to continue their study in graduate or law school.

Sport Management Major Requirements

In addition to the Core Business and General Education requirements that all Business students take at Rosemont, Sport Management majors take 18 credits of specialized courses in sport management, sport leadership and coaching, sport marketing, sport governance, and sport ethics and law. 

In addition to classroom learning, Rosemont College's proximity to numerous professional, collegiate, and amateur sport industry organizations allows students to acces  job opportunities and internships that complement our curriculum.

Degree Requirements

BS and MS in Sport Business

Launch your career in the field of the exciting sport industry with an MS in Sport Business from Neumann University and a BS in Sport Management from Rosemont College. Gain the sports management skills you'll need to compete in the rapidly-growing field. Graduates are well-prepared for a variety of managerial roles within sports franchises and related businesses.

Program Details

Dual Degrees

Rosemont offers two degrees in five years for all business majors. Our 4 plus 1 program allows you to earn your Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and your MBA in a five-year timeframe. Sport industry leaders are facing decisions and challenges that require a keen understanding of leading a values-driven organization, ethical decision practices, global financial markets, social responsibility, and the economic impact of our increasingly digital society. Rosemont’s MBA includes in-depth study in each of these areas and is therefore a perfect primer for tomorrows’ sport industry leaders.


Sport Study Minor

The Sport Study minor is especially useful for Secondary Education majors who may wish to lead K-12 athletic events are part of a future career in teaching. In addition, if you major in Communications, adding the Sport Study minor will serve you well if you want to enter a sports-related communications profession.

The following courses, each worth 3 credits are required to complete the minor.

  • ACC 0100 - Financial Accounting 1
  • BUS 0362 - Ethics and Law in Sport Management
  • BUS 0367 - Sport Management
  • BUS 0422 - Sport Governance
  • One Business or Accounting Elective

And, one Sport Management courses chosen from:

  • BUS 0250 - Sport Management
  • COM 0325 - Sports Journalism
  • BUS 0432 - Sport Entrepreneurship

Sport Management Jobs and Outlook


Today’s sports market size is experiencing strong growth, having developed into a full-blown worldwide industry in the past decades, with unprecedented levels of revenue and more industry players than ever.

In 2017, the North American sports market had a value of about 69.14 billion U.S. dollars. This figure is expected to rise to 80.3 billion by 2022.*

*“Sports Market Size North America 2009-2022.” Statista,

This well-rounded Business degree from Rosemont provides a theoretical and practical framework for a number of professions that focus on leadership roles in all facets of the the expansive and profitable world of sport and recreation. 

Successful graduates of the Sport Management program continue on to work for sports teams and governing bodies (from youth to professional-level organizations), in sales and marketing, for sporting goods manufacturers, and in event and facility management.

Sport Management degrees allow you to flourish in many roles. These include:

  • Financial/Contract Analyst
  • Event Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator
  • Public Relations and Communications Manager
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Sports Agent
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Sports Administration (varying levels)
  • Game Operations
  • Player Development
  • Sports Lawyer
  • Facility Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sports Product Manager