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Bachelor of Science in Management

Earn your BS in Management at Rosemont CollegeMake Your Mark on the Business World 

Management students will learn how to take care of processes and people in order to help your company succeed in the world of business. You’ll learn how working well with people and systems can help achieve productivity and maximize profits for your company. You’ll also come to understand the role of tech tools and artificial intelligence (AI) in business, and how they work alongside people within a company. 

Students majoring in Management take courses in all the major functional areas of business, preparing you for a wide range of professional roles. These courses emphasize application of knowledge and theories to organizational situations. You’ll also take classes in several liberal arts disciplines. Taken together, your coursework is designed to help you become a critical thinker and strong communicator-- skills that are key to leadership. 

Why Study Management at Rosemont? 

In addition to your core business classes, as a Rosemont student you’ll also get a strong foundation in ethical decision-making and collaborative leadership that will set you apart and prepare you to make a positive impact in any career. Rosemont prepares all its students to build a career based on sound leadership combined with strong skills in your field of study. 

Rosemont believes in combining hands-on experience with coursework in your field will deepen your understanding of the content and best prepare you for the job market. All business students have the ability to pursue an internship or study abroad program. In your Senior Seminar, you’ll learn to use design thinking to create long-range plans and goals- a skill that can be valuable in both your work and personal lives. 

Coursework Examples 

Management majors are required to take core classes in the major in addition to a set of core business courses and general education requirements.  

  • BUS 0360: International Finance 
  • PHI 0270: Business Ethics 
  • BUS 0340: Organizational Management 
  • BUS 0380: Strategic Policy 
  • BUS 0445: Supply Chain Management  

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Look Forward to a Successful Future 

Rosemont's Bachelor of Science in Management provides you with a comprehensive overview of business functions that prepare you for a wide variety of careers in every dimension of business world. Jobs for graduates with a BS in Management include: 

  • HR manager 
  • Project manager 
  • Operations manager 
  • Business consultant
  • Event planning
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Sales manager
  • Account manager
  • Management analyst
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Office manager