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Bachelor of Science in Management

Business professionals in suits are pictured from the neck down with their arms crossed across their chest. They wear black suits and are of mixed genders. Their ethnicity is not clear. Super-imposed over the image are symbols in white outlines that represent concepts of human capital management.

Students majoring in Management take courses in all the major functional areas of business. These courses emphasize application of knowledge and theories to organizational situations, preparing students for entry into the business community. The liberal arts courses taken by the students enable them to attain proficiency in communication skills and critical thinking as they become responsible members of society.

Management Major Requirements

In addition to the Core Business and General Education requirements that all Business students take at Rosemont, Management majors take 18 credits of courses in organizational behavior, strategic policy, supply chain management, and marketing. For students considering graduate study in Business or Accounting, Rosemont's Bachelor of Science in Management (120 credits) program offers the essential courses that graduate schools require. If you plan on attending graduate school, we recommend taking Calculus I and II.

Two Degrees in Five Years - Management

Rosemont offers two degrees in five years for all Business majors. Earn your Bachelor of Science in Management and your MBA from the School of Graduate and Professional Studies in as little as five years. 

Management Minor (18 Credits)

Both non-business students and those majoring in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, International Business, or Sport Management may minor in Management. Rosemont College's International Business minor is an excellent complementary program to any major in the Uundergraduate College. Gain a competitive advantage in your career by building a foundation in the functional principles of business. Complement your main coursework in the arts and humanities or sciences. 

The following courses, each worth 3 credits are required to complete the minor. 

  • One Semester of Economics (ECO 0105 or ECO 0106)
  • ACC 0100 - Financial Accounting I
  • ACC 0101 - Financial Accounting II
  • BUS 0205 - Organizational Theory of Management
  • BUS 0240 - Management Information Systems
  • One Business or Accounting Elective

Management Salary and Job Outlook

Rosemont's Bachelor of Science in Management provides you with a comprehensive overview of business functions that prepare you for a wide variety of careers in every dimension of business world. While your salary and job outlook depends on where you work and what organization you work for, as with any field, the higher your education level is, the more you're likely to earn. This is why Rosemont offers a dual degree program and academic partnerships.
We also offer plentiful opportunities to intern at numerous organizations in the Philadelphia region through the Office of Career Services. Gaining hands-on experience before you graduate is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage in the job market post-graduation.
What can you do with a BS in Management?
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Project Manager