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International Business Major

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Rosemont's Bachelor of Science in International Business (120 Credits) provides you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to succeed in the rapidly-changing world economy. The elimination of barriers in cross-border business, trade and investments, plus advances in technology and telecommunications, have created an interdependent world economy, known as globalization.

International Business Major Requirements

In addition to the Core Business and General Education requirements that all Business students take at Rosemont, International Business majors take 18 credits of courses in international marketing and finance, supply chain management, international marketing, and the fundamentals of export-import.

International Business students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of plentiful opportunities to study abroad through the The Office of Experiential Opportunities and Post Graduate Success. Supplement your work in the classroom with immersive and hands-on experience in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, or Australia. Learn about the complete degree requirements of the BS in International Business program below.

Degree Requirements

Dual Degree Program

Rosemont offers two degrees in five years for all Business majors. Earn your Bachelor of Science in International Business and your MBA from the School of Graduate Studies in as little as five years. We also maintain academic partnerships with Neumann University and Fordham University that allow Business students who meet the specified admissions requirements guaranteed spots in their programs. Neumann University offers a Master of Science in Sport Business; Fordham University features a Master's of Science in Real Estate.

Dual Degrees

International Business Minor (18 Credits)

Both non-business students and those majoring in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management, or Sport Management may minor in International Business. Whether you want to work in finance in Singapore, or simply have a more robust understanding of the global business market as you embark on a career in the arts, Rosemont College's International Business minor is an excellent complementary program to any major in the Undergraduate College.

The following courses, each worth 3 credits are required to complete the minor. 

One Semester of Economics (ECO 0105 or ECO 0106)
ACC 0100 - Financial Accounting I
ACC 0101 - Financial Accounting II
BUS 0180 - Intro to International Business
BUS 0360 - International Finance or
BUS 0365 - International Marketing
One Business or Accounting Elective

International Business Salary and Job Outlook

Make a career for yourself that enables you to travel the world, cut through complex intercultural issues, and make a tangible impact on your organization's bottom line. Companies like Apple, Google, Cisco, Adobe, Amazon, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Pfizer, General Motors, and Coca Cola have offices in many overseas locations and need international business employees. 
One of the most appealing aspects of working in international business is that your skills open up career paths just about anywhere. While your salary and job outlook depends on where you work and for what company, as with any field, the higher your education level is, the more you're likely to earn. This is why Rosemont offers a dual degree program and academic partnerships.

Types of International Business Jobs

International Marketing Manager
International Financial Manager
Finance Analyst
International Accountant
Management Analyst
Human Resources Manager
Logistics Manager
Banking Manager
Import/Export Coordinator
Product Manager