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Students have access to the iWay, an secure online portal, where students can access their grades, register for classes, view their unofficial transcript, access forms, and complete course evaluations.

Registration changes (adding/dropping) a class must be done by the student through the iWay during the designed preregistration and registration periods. [How to Register on the iWay]

Registration and Course Load Information

First semester first year students are limited to 15 credit hours, unless they are part of the Three-year Bachelor’s Degree program. An exception can be granted to students taking a one-credit laboratory (Science) or a course with an experiential component (Art History).

Full tuition covers up to 18 credits of study per semester. Students wishing to take 18 credits must maintain a GPA of 3.0000 or higher. Students wishing to take more than 18 credits in a given semester must receive permission from the Academic Dean of the Undergraduate College and their major advisor. He/she will be charged additional tuition and may incur additional fees.

A student on academic probation must complete an Academic Action Plan and is restricted to no more than 12 credits (13 if a student is taking one 4 credit course) for the semester.

With guidance from their academic advisor and the Student Academic Support Center, students choose courses for the following semester from the schedule prepared by the Office of the Registrar and posted on the iWay.

Pre-registration for the fall semester for currently enrolled students usually takes place in March; and for the spring semester, in November.  Students who have not obtained faculty advisor approval during the pre-registration period will have their courses elections deleted.

First-year and new transfer students pre-register for the fall semester during the late spring or summer months and for the following spring semester during the fall semester preregistration period.

Students return to the College on the published date to confirm course selections by formally registering.  Those who have satisfied their financial obligations to the College will receive their schedule of classes on the iWay

The drop/add period takes place at the start of each semester according to the  dates published in the calendar and the hours indicated by the Registrar.  A student may drop or add a course only during the period indicated on the College calendar.  Students may drop and add courses via the iWay unless he/she are First Year students.
First Year students must submit a drop/add form, signed by his/her faculty advisor, to the Office of the Registrar for processing. 

Contracts for independent study or internships must be submitted on or before the registration day to the Office of the Academic Dean. Required revisions must be submitted before the end of the drop/add period, as must signed forms to audit a course or to take a course for a pass/fail grade. Late submissions will not be accepted
A student wishing to withdraw from any course after the drop/add period must request a withdrawal from the course and submit the appropriate paperwork, including all required signatures to the Office of the Registrar and Student Academic Support, within the appropriate time period.