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How to Register (iWay)

Students use the iWay to register for classes both during preregistration as well as add/drop during the first week of classes. (Download Directions)

Registration Directions

  1. Sign in to the iWay

  2. On the right side of the screen, choose Add/Drop Coursesiway homescreen

  3. From the Add/Drop Courses page, you will see if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering for classes and if the iWay is open for registration.
    NOTE: If you have a Financial Aid hold (FA) contact Financial Aid and if you have a Business hold (BH), contact Student Accounts.

    add drop page

  4. If the iWay is open, and your account is free of holds, choose the Course Search option at the bottom of the page. You can search by title, course code, or department. If you choose Undergraduate College under Division you will get a list of all the Undergraduate courses running in the term you selected.
    iway course selection

  5. After you search, a course list appears.  Courses you can register for will have a box next to the Course Code in the Add column. If the boxes are missing either the iWay is not open, your account is on hold, the course is full, or you are not authorized to take the course.
    course search results

     Clicking on the course will give you details about the course. Here you will find the full course description as well as information about prerequisites. If the course is open and you still can’t register, it may be that you are missing a prerequisite, or the course may require instructor approval.
    course details

    Seats and Status columns will tell you how many spaces are left in a class
    and if the course is open to students, or if it’s full.
    Schedule column will let you know the days of the week and times the class meets. This column will also tell you if the class meets on the Main Campus or if it is an online class that meets in Moodle. Classroom information is visible when you click on the individual course, once rooms are assigned in late December/early January.
    class status in the iway

  6. When you’re ready to choose your courses, click the box in the Add column.  Then at the bottom of the page, choose Add Courses.
    iway add checkbox

  7. If there are any errors in your registration, the next screen will tell you what’s wrong. For example, ARH 0176 has a mandatory co-requisite that must be added at the same time.

  8. Once you’ve added the co-requisites, as necessary, or once you have all of your classes have been authorized, the following screen will detail the courses you’ve chosen, the dates, time and total credits. It will also alert you to the fact that your courses require advisor approval. While this process reserves your space in a class, your advisor must approve of the course before it is an official part of your record.
    iway your schedule screen

    Please check your iWay account before the end of the add/drop period to ensure that your advisor has approved your classes.