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For Faculty

The Registrar's Office is available for any faculty with questions about rosters, grade entry, registration or academic policies, or advisor information.

Faculty can view their official class rosters in the iWay.  Moodle should automatically update based on your official iWay roster.  [How to view your roster]
While preregistration and registration are open, students are able to add and drop classes.  Before a student's add becomes official, their advisor must approve their registration change.   This will change a student's registration status from reserved to current.  [Instructions on how to approve registration]

Each semester, at the conclusion of add/drop, faculty in the undergraduate college must confirm the attendance of each student on their roster.  Attendance verification takes place on the iWay, in the grade entry portal.

[Instructions for Attendance verification]

All faculty will enter their grade in the "grade entry" page on the iWay.

Faculty teaching in the undergraduate college will enter information in the grade entry three times a semester: attendance verification (at the end of add/drop), midterm grades and final grades.  Faculty teaching in SGPS will enter final grades.

[More information on grade entry]

Faculty who advisee students have access their advisee's information on the iWay.  It is important to be familiar with these resources so you can advise students accurately.

[More information on advisor resources]

Each semester, the Dean's Office will request the upcoming semester's schedule from the faculty.  After the schedules have been approved by the Dean's, the Registrar's Office will schedule your courses and assign classrooms. 

Requests to change classrooms should be directed to Donna McKeever and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

All academic policies for both the Undergraduate College and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies is available in the Academic Catalog each year.  It is important that all policies are applied consistently and fairly.  If you have a question, please ask.