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Larry Flagler's Story

Larry Flagler, in a Commencement robe, tands outside with his family.

Larry Flagler works as a police officer and firearms examiner at the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Forensic Science. Read more about his career and why he recommends Rosemont to others in the criminal justice field.

Who is your current employer and what is your position?

Police police officer and firearms examiner at the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Forensic Science.

What do you love about your job?

The tediousness of forensic examinations and helping to aid in the final analysis of crime evidence.

What was your best experience on the job?

As a firearms expert, helping juries make informed and educated decisions when rendering a verdict at trial.

Why did you choose Rosemont College?

The convenience of online classes which allow me to enhance my education while working full-time and raising a family.

What has been your best Rosemont experience so far?

By far my best experience with Rosemont has been the instructors. The real-world knowledge of Rosemont’s faculty is invaluable and allows me to apply my education to my evolving job experiences.

How was your experience with the faculty?

I have always found the faculty to be welcoming and enthusiastic about the subject matter.

Favorite class?


Why would you recommend Rosemont to your peers?

I would recommend Rosemont because of the convenience of classes, small class size, and the attentiveness of the faculty.

How has Rosemont helped you advance in your career?

The culmination of the focused coursework and world-renowned instructors combine to provide a well-balanced and disciplined education. Pursuing an advanced education was not a job requirement, but rather a personal goal for me. However, my job requires me to conduct detailed forensic examinations and provide an informed analysis to criminal trial juries. My experience at Rosemont has vastly improved my articulation and ability to deliver informed analysis to juries when rendering verdicts.