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Become an Agent of Change

a police officer gives three young girls a high-five in front of his squad car. They are all caucasion.

In today’s complex world, competent leaders are needed more than ever.  Rosemont College’s Criminal Justice program gives you the skills you need to meet that need. If you are looking for a career in law enforcement, court administration, the judicial system, corrections, public or private security, or any other related field, then our Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree is for you!

  • Whether you are an entry-level student new to college or a continuing student, our seven-week accelerated program provides just the flexibility you need to get the job done.
  • Our hands-on curriculum focuses on up-to-the-minute trends, issues, and real-world applications in order to develop your ability in the criminal justice field.

Flexible On-Campus and Online Delivery of Courses

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  • Our student-centric seven-week term bachelor's degree program is specially tailored to meet the needs of adult and returning students and provides the flexibility you are looking for.
  • Our faculty of master practitioners bring real-world experience into the classroom, giving you just the edge you need for professional success.
  • Transfer up to 84 credits and gain credit for police academy, prior college credit, professional licenses and or certificates, or other work experience.

Master of Arts in Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Gain the skills you need to advance to leadership positions in the American Criminal Justice System. For motivated students, transition easily into Rosemont's Master of Arts in Homeland Security & Emergency Management (MA-HLS&EM) program.

Delivered fully-online, the Master of Arts in Homeland Security & Emergency Management (MA-HLS&EM) integrates the disciplines of Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management with a dynamic foundation of Ethics and Social Justice principles.

Skills and Outcomes

Our graduates are highly skilled in written and oral communication, as well as the effective application of criminal justice concepts in real-life situations. They also have the tools necessary to advance into positions of leadership in various aspects of the field.

Travel Abroad - Global Studies Program 

Cultivate an appreciation of global issues within the context of a course in an SGPS Graduate or Professional Studies Degree Program. Global Study topics surround current businessleadershipcriminal justicehomeland security, and healthcare administration issues.

Careers for Criminal Justice Graduates

Through up-to-the-minute trends and issues, the BS in Criminal Justice program’s hands-on curriculum develops your ability to analyze, research, and make informed decisions. The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree prepares entry-level or working practitioners in the field for success in the following areas:

  • Law enforcement
  • Court administration
  • The judicial system
  • Corrections
  • Homeland security
  • Juvenile justice system
  • Private security